Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Journey to the Altar

Day 1: Journey to the Altar
Day 2: The Proposal
Day 3: Where and When
Day 4: Wedding Colors and Style
Day 5: Saying Yes to the Dress
Day 6: Here Come the Bridesmaids!
Day 7: Shopping with the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom
Day 8: Wedding Music
Day 9: Wedding Flowers
Day 10: The Guys
Day 11: Wedding Papers
Day 12: Wedding Cake
Day 13: Wedding Registry
Day 14: Wedding Food
Day 15: Marriage Prep
Day 16: Engagement Photos
Day 17: Wedding Hair and Makeup
Day 18: Wedding Accessories
Day 19: Announcement Tea
Day 20: My Work Shower
Day 21: Dinner Party
Day 22: Hometown Shower
Day 23: Bridal Shower
Day 24: G's Work Shower
Day 25: Bridal Portraits
Day 26: Bridal Luncheon
Day 27: Rehearsal
Day 28: Getting Ready
Day 29: Pregame
Day 30: Saying "I do"
Day 31: Party Time!

When I saw that The Nester was hosting her 31 days of blogging series for the month of October, I thought this opportunity would be the perfect way for me to journal about all the details that went into planning our wedding last year.  I want to remember as much as possible and savor all the sweet memories, which seemed to be impossible to write about at the same time they were all happening, so I'm looking forward to the reliving these moments over the next month.  I've talked a little bit about our "how we met" story here, but here's a little back story on me...before I met Mr. G, I'd kind of given up.

I know, I know...I had only recently crossed the 30 line and still had many more wonderful years ahead of me in which to meet the man of my dreams, but a part of me really had decided that certainly a life lived alone could be as full and rich as those my precious friends and family were enjoying with a significant other and children of their own.  I'd decided that though I may have still engaged in bouts of sadness over wanting to share my life with someone, that in reality, the life God had given me was beautiful and fulfilling, whether it included that special someone or not.  In fact, God had given me the gifts of friendship and family that were irreplaceable.  And I still feel that way.  A life lived without a mate is meaningful and purposeful and beautiful.  I am so thankful that God brought Mr. G into my life, but had God had other plans for me, life would still be abundant.  I guess I just want to say that from the get go because I will be sharing all these fun details of wedding prep, so I can have a place to store these precious memories and return when I want to reminisce, but I just want to say that each of us has a story of God's faithfulness and no matter what it contains, it is as unique and special as the one who holds it.

And away we go!

A Weekend at the Parents

Last weekend, the mister and I took a trip to visit my parents.  We hadn't gone to their house since Father's Day, so I really looked forward to the trip!
Every trip Mr. G makes to my hometown must include lunch at the cutest little sandwich shop on our square.  He loves their pimiento cheese!  We enjoyed a tasty lunch with my parents and Grandmommy.
After lunch, we popped into the cutest shop next door where we had registered for some of our wedding gifts.  This visit we were looking for a baby shower gift and found the perfect thing!  We were also able to visit another shop and buy a few more pieces of our Juliska pottery.

After lunch, Mom took us to the cutest little frozen yogurt place, so we could get a sweet treat before the Baylor game.

We enjoyed cheering on the Bears to an incredible victory on Saturday afternoon!

Mom found the cute pumpkin on the left at one of our shopping stops that morning.  I love how it looks on her buffet in the entry way.
That evening, my parents treated us to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town!  The name has changed, but they still serve the most delicious chips and salsa.  Fortunately, the menu has stayed the same, so it was fun to share some of my favorite dishes with Mr. G.

On Sunday, we had the great joy of witnessing one of my precious flower girl's baptism.  I was so glad to get to see her and her parents right before the service.  I also loved getting to say a quick hello to another very special friend.

The weekend flew by all too quickly and soon we were headed home.  It was a wonderful trip!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five on Friday: Sunday Edition

I'm linking up again with NatashaDarciApril, and Christina on this drizzly Sunday.  Some little allergen blew in this week and has kept me a little off my A game, but here's my review of the week. :)

{1} The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
This book is SO good.  It has been a while since I have been truly taken in by a book from the first page and this one was so intriguing that I had a difficult time putting it down.  Probably another reason the blog has been a little neglected lately. :)  The book takes you on the journey of Victoria who has lived her life in the foster care system and you meet her on her 18th birthday when she is being emancipated.  Interwoven in her current story as she begins living life on her own, the reader is transported to Victoria's one loving foster experience and how it has impacted her life forever.  I loved this story so much and found its commentary on the ties of family, love and self-perception to be valuable lessons.  We read it in my book club this week and had such a wonderful conversation about how the book related to different areas of our own lives.  I definitely took time to look up the flowers I had chosen for my wedding in the flower dictionary in the back of the book!

{2}A Weekend Visit

Last weekend we spent time with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday.  It was so fun to get to relax and to see one of my sweet flower girls be baptized!

{3} What's Cooking?

This week, the mister and I made this delicious Mexican Chicken Spaghetti.  It was a fabulous quick and easy weeknight meal!  I highly recommend it for your posse.  We got three meals out of it!

{4}  Float Friday

This sweet treat was the perfect addition to my Friday afternoon at work!

{5} Legally Blonde!!

Friday night the mister and I got to enjoy a fun evening out, watching Baylor's production of "Legally Blonde".  The cast was fantastic and voices so professional they would have been at home on any Broadway stage.  We certainly enjoyed our fun night out!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday

Here we are back to Friday and the promise of another weekend!  What a treat to link up with NatashaDarciApril, and Christina.  :)  Here are five things I'm loving from this past week...

{1} Girls Weekend
photo via a certain friend's fb :)
Getting to have good long visits with friends I hadn't seen in awhile did my heart good.

{2} Special K Chips

These Sea Salt flavored snacks remind my of my middle school lunch favorite -- Munchos!  Such a yummy treat and very low in WW points!

{3} Chi Omega

Our alumnae group enjoyed our first meeting of the year this week and it was so great to see sweet faces I hadn't seen in too long.

{4}  Marriage

Being married certainly isn't all rainbows and sunshine, but it has been amazing to see how God is at work in our relationship.  I am so thankful that God brought Mr. G into my life and can't imagine a day without him.  I was looking at my wedding ring on my finger the other day and could hardly believe it was real.  For so long I looked at that empty hand and wondered if a ring would ever be placed there.  I'm so thankful for God's provision in that area of my life.

My heart was just powerfully touched by this video on one of my favorite blogs, Chatting at the Sky.  I do fear at times that I have nothing to offer and this message spoke to my soul.  I will be putting this book on my wish list.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls Weekend!

Sometimes you just need a relaxing weekend with some of your favorite people.  I am so thankful that reality happened for me over the past few days.

Friday night, the gals gathered at our house for a fun dinner in.  Mr. G and I had made these incredible baked tacos a few weeks ago and thought the filling would be the perfect addition to the Mexican stackups we had on the menu.
So thankful for these ladies!!
We enjoyed chips, salsa, guacamole, southwest rice and cheese along with the tasty taco filling. :)
Wheels brought a delicious salad and even made her own vinaigrette!  It was delish!! :)

Snapping a pic during a cooking break. :)
We also enjoyed some of these yummy bevvies from my According to Nina giveaway win -- so refreshing!  I loved the pink polka dot paper straws!!

Friday night we finished dessert with this yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cake and a chocolate ganache.  It was really easy and SO tasty!!

After enjoying a leisurely start to Saturday (well, Lindsey is training for a race, so her morning was a little less leisurely than mine!), we enjoyed this delicious breakfast casserole from The Mix and Match Mama.  I love Shay's blog so much and her recipes sound so good!  I'm thinking this breakfast casserole will be in the rotation for sure -- maybe even for Christmas morning!

And now we arrive at the part of the weekend where I forgot to take pictures!  Oops!  :)

The rest of Saturday was a total gabfest with only a break in the late afternoon to watch Nights in Rodanthe.  Oh, Nicholas Sparks, how you make a girls weekend the best!  Needless to say, Mr. G left to go watch some major college football games. :)

Saturday night we all met up with some of our other favorite friends for dinner at one of our fave Mexican restaurants in town.  As you can see, we love our Mexican food!  Almost three hours flew by and I was so glad to catch up on life with my peeps. :)

Sunday, Mr. G and I went to our newlywed Sunday school class, enjoyed morning worship with the gals and then continued the yummy food theme of the weekend at another delicious Mexican food place -- we can't get enough!!  This restaurant always makes the cut because they serve free queso! :)  I did stray from my usual order, though, and tried the barbecue bacon burger and it was AMAZING -- exactly what I was hoping for!  Food does thrill me so much -- maybe a little too much... ;)

Then, the sad part...saying goodbye.  I always hate when these weekends end, but cannot express how refreshed and revitalized I felt to spend such quality time with friends.  With all the changes this summer of travel, marriage and getting used to a new home, good friend time was just what the doctor ordered!

What are your favorite ways to recharge on the weekend?  Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five for Friday

Hi Friends!  Hallalujah -- it's Friday!!  So excited for the fun things this weekend has in store!  I'm linking up again with some of my favorite bloggers (NatashaDarciApril, and Christina) talking about five things from our week. :)

{1} Tree!

We had a new tree planted in our front yard this week.  It is a red maple and the Mister is certainly looking forward to the shade it will provide us during the scorching summer months!  We feel like official grownup homeowners now. :)

{2}  Crockpot Chicken Chili

Though the month on the calendar says September, the weather doesn't exactly feel much like fall yet, but Mr. G and I loved trying out a yummy meal that will for sure be even more tasty when there is a chill in the air!  We found our recipe here.

{3}  Junior League
We had our first meeting of the new year on Monday and it was so great to see people I hadn't gotten to visit with over the summer and meet some new ones.  We heard a lot about our upcoming Christmas holiday market and some exciting ways we are going to focus our efforts to serve women and children in our community!

{4}  Surprise Treats!
My mom texted me yesterday that one of her best friends was going to drop off a little surprise at my house yesterday and we both couldn't wait to see what it was.  Look what I found inside our cute gift bag...

Aren't they adorable!  I think these napkins would be so perfect for a tailgate or football watching party. :)

{5}  Weekend Fun!
I've been looking forward to this weekend so much because it will include fun time with some of my favorite people!!!  Weekends with friends are the best and we have some fun things planned for the weekend ahead!  Yay!  It may also include indulging in this chocolate chip pumpkin bundt. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Liebster Award!

Sweet Carol at Keeping Up with the Kaune's nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is an award for bloggers with under 200 followers and a fun way to get to know more about the blogger.  She gave me these questions to answer, so here it goes! :)  Thanks, Carol!

1. What is your favorite recipe?
I absolutely love to cook and try new recipes.  One of our current faves for dinner is one that has been passed around the blogosphere and Pinterest quite a lot!  It is Kevin and Amanda's Spicy Sausage Pasta and if you have not tried it before, I cannot encourage you enough to pick up the ingredients for dinner!  The ingredients are simple and easy to find and it cooks in one large skillet, so cleanup is easy!!  
Simple Ingredients
Right after all ingredients were combined

Final Deliciousness!

I made it for the Mister on Sunday night and I think he finished up the last of the leftovers for lunch today, so it makes a good amount.  We love leftovers in our house!  Feel free to check out my "Tried and True" Pinterest board for other recipes we really like at our house!

2. What is your favorite hair product?
l to r: root lifting spray, blow dry spray, dry shampoo, & super hold finishing spray
I love Kenra products.  My stylist and good friend Ashley along with Kate from The Small Things Blog definitely praised the benefits of this line and I have had phenomenal success!  In fact, my hair seems to be able to hold style and have volume better than ever before. :)

3. What is the best vacation you have been on?
My favorite vacation has to be our honeymoon to Hawaii!  It was the perfect blend of relaxing on the beach and exploring the island with my very favorite person. :)

4. Tell us your favorite meal?
My favorite meal...such a toughie!!  I think Mexican food wins every time. :)  Homemade flour tortillas, chips, queso, guacamole, and brisket tacos from Mi Cocina. 

5. Dream job?
Creating names for all the nail polishes for Essie or OPI!  One of my favorite things to do when I get a mani/pedi is looking at the different polish names when choosing my color. :)  I also would enjoy hosting a show on the Travel channel and discovering the sights like Samantha Brown does.

6. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

7. Favorite clothes store?
Nordstrom leads the pack for me.  So many great designers and the most amazing shoe department!  I love blogs like Pinterest Told Me To that keep me posted on great sales at my favorite store!!

8. What is your favorite Football team and do you have any traditions on game day?
Hands down the Baylor Bears!!!  I am so proud of how they have played this season, too.  As for game day traditions, I try to always wear my game day gear and Sic 'Em, Bears!

9. Favorite TV SHOW?
I confess that my favorite TV Show is Real Housewives on Bravo.  Any city, every season, I love it all!

10. DIY or buy everything?
I would say I am a blend on this question.  I do love my DIYs time and again, but sometimes I have to go to the pros. :)

Now, I would like to pass this little award on to several "new to me" blogs that I really enjoy reading:
Andrea @ Never Say Never
Stephanie @ Newlyweds: North

I'll pass along the same questions Carol gave me:
1. What is your favorite recipe?

2. What is your favorite hair product?

3. What is the best vacation you have been on?

4. Tell us your favorite meal?

5. Dream job?

6. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

7. Favorite clothes store?

8. What is your favorite Football team and do you have any traditions on game day?

9. Favorite TV SHOW?

10. DIY or buy everything?

Enjoy!  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday

Yay!  It's Friday again and I'm so happy to join in this very fun linkup with NatashaDarciApril, and Christina.

{1} Giveaway Win!!

I was so excited to win Nina's giveaway from Onli beverages!  They make all of these fun sparkling soft drink flavors and I can't wait to entertain friends next weekend with my fun treats!!  I received a lot of great goodies to use for a party, too, so I can't wait to unpack it all!  It was also my first giveaway to win, which was a little bit fun, too. :)  

{2} Lunch
So this morning when I walked into the kitchen, I saw my lunch kit out on the counter and filled with the lunch items I enjoy taking to work.  It was such a sweet help that the hubs thought to put my lunch together for me and as I sat in my office eating my carrots and string cheese, I thought of it all over again.  It definitely made me want to think of things I can do for him and others around me that may seem minor at the time, but make a big difference.

Y'all, I read about this on April's "5 for Friday" post last week and I had to check it out.  It is a daily current events email that gives you the full scoop on what is happening in the world, but all the details are written like your friend wrote them (i.e. easy for me to understand).  I have to admit reading the news and keeping up with current events is not a regular habit with me, but this email keeps me posted on what is going on in the world around me.  If you would like a daily digest of the news, I hgihgly recommend The Skimm!

{4} Crockpot Yumminess!!
So I've had this recipe on one of my boards for forever and have been wanting to make it for a while.  I mean, any combination of chicken, corn, cheese, and rice sounds like a winner in my book.  The recipe is from Southern Plate and you can find the recipe here.  We enjoyed three meals from the recipe, which was one more than we'd planned on!  I forgot to take pictures because it didn't last too long on our plates, but tomorrow I am trying this Crispy Ritz chicken recipe, so I'll try to document a little more. :)

{5} Breakfast of Champions!

This week, I have been enjoying an everything bagel thin for breakfast with a little fat free cream cheese.  The bagel is only 3 or 4 weight watcher points and a tablespoon of cream cheese is 0!!  This option has been a great way for me to get my everything bagel fix with fewer calories. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor-less Labor Day Weekend

So I know there are lots of people out there who always like to have a project or be accomplishing a task, but I have determined that I am not one of those people. :)  I love those people!  They are so wonderful and accomplish so much, but I'm afraid I am such a sedentary creature!!  The mister and I did lace up our sneakers and take a walk around the neighborhood Monday night, so maybe I did fit in a little activity this weekend.  :)

We had a great Labor Day weekend.  Mr. G had just gotten back from a business trip to Chicago, so I decided to surprise him by cleaning the entire house before he got home.  Now, I know this may not thrill some men to the depths of their souls, but Mr. G is one of those people I was speaking of at the beginning of the post.  He loves keeping a spic and span home.  We took the 5 Love Languages assessment in our premarital counseling sessions and his favorite love language is acts of service, so I knew a clean house would speak to his heart.  The other thing I was excited about was that I managed to stay motivated about my cleaning project all day at work and jumped in when I got home.  Something I am learning about myself is that if I have tasks to do, I like to get them done, so I can enjoy the rest of my time.  I knew if I cleaned first, then we wouldn't have to do many chores the rest of the weekend.  I also know that since I am not one of those motivated folks I mentioned earlier, if I take a seat on the couch when I get home, I won't get my tasks accomplished, but definitely have a tendency to put things off with excuse after excuse.  Is this just me??
Image courtesy of Suat Eman at

So after my marathon cleaning session on Friday night, I definitely relaxed and enjoyed catching up on reading and some of my favorite shows.  In between relaxing, I did run some errands and also was able to check off a few things on my "to-do" list like put a huge stack of photos I had printed of Mr. G and my first year of dating and also put our Boston trip photos in my "smash book".  I'm loving the idea of a smash book because it is like a scrapbook where you put in pictures and write little captions, but without the pressure of perfection.  Sometimes scrapbooking stresses me out -- hence the blog love!  I tend to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and this makes me freeze sometimes.  Anyway, I'm just using a little journal I've had and I love being able to write down all the little extra remembrances, too, to make the photos more special.  I've seen some cute ideas where you cut out photos from magazines and modge podge the cover, so maybe that will be the next project I'll tackle.
my smashbook :)

Another fun thing we did was watch Baylor's season opener against Wofford College.  I just have to say what an amazing job Art Briles, his incredible coaching staff and our Baylor players have done.  I was so impressed with the heart our guys showed and can't wait for our next game on Saturday.  We got to spend some quality time with the in-laws, too, which is always a treat.  I am so thankful to God for the gift they are!

It was so nice to have 3 days in a row of relaxation!  God also used this time to speak to my heart.  I have a devotional blog, too, that I write in from time to time, so feel free to hop over there if you would like. :)  Here is the link: Hope and Holiness.  Maybe this weekend I will YouTube how to make a cute blog button!

Here's to a great week!

Never Ever Ever Linkup!

I'm so happy to be linking up today with Stephanie, Neely and Shelley for their Never Ever Ever linkup detailing things that we would never ever ever do.

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

Image courtesy of num_skyman at

I will never ever ever be sad to welcome Fall.  I'm always so excited for the crisp autumn breezes and until they arrive all the festive fall decor and sweet treats (hello pumpkin spiced latte!!) help usher us into the season in Texas!  I've even been burning an Apple Cider candle from Bath and Body Works and can't wait to whip up my first batch of pumpkin bread. :)


I will never ever ever get tired of eating Mexican food!  Seriously, chips, salsa and guacamole have become a frequent almost daily occurrence and I could not be happier!! :)

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
I will never ever ever be able to thank God enough for bringing this man into my life.  Marriage is certainly an adventure, but I cannot image living life with anyone else!! :)

Hope you are having a great week!