Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wedding Cake!

One of the sweetest (I couldn't resist) parts of planning the wedding was selecting our wedding cakes.  We were so fortunate that the cake creator we hoped would be able to do our cakes was also Grady's neighbor at the time, so on New Year's Day, she walked down the street to Grady's house with cake samples in tow and we got to select our flavors!

I had always envisioned fresh flowers on my cake and when I saw this cake in Southern Living Weddings, I knew this was exactly what I had wished for.  I tore out the page and showed it to Laura during our meeting and also shared it with our flower guru, so he could place the order for the number of peonies we would need.

Photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

My cake was everything I dreamed of!  We selected Italian cream cake with the most incredible buttercream icing.  She even made ivory ribbons out of icing for the finishing touch!

Photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

I couldn't get over how gorgeous the cake was!

Photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

I loved how the peonies were perfectly bloomed, too. :)

For the groom's cake, we easily decided on chocolate with the most delicious homemade buttercream chocolate icing.  Mr. G wanted to have the Baylor Sailor Bear on top of his cake. :)

Photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
We also chose to have the most adorable chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries accenting the cake.

Photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

We thought it was a wonderful replica of this favorite vintage Baylor symbol.

Not only were the cakes beautiful, they were also delicious and I was so happy to see some pieces had been tucked away for us in a to go box to take with us that night!

This is Day 12 of a 31 day series with The Nester about Our Journey to the Altar.  To read previous posts, click here.

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