Friday, September 7, 2012

A Blustery Day & Meeting Friends

Top o' the muffin to you!  Any Seinfeld fans out there? :)
I've been going through my phone pics and ran into this one from earlier this Spring. :)
I also took this after I had put green apples in my apothecary jars and finished my coffee filter wreath .
Now, for less happy news.  I just have to write this down because it is almost unbelievable.  One Tuesday at lunch I went to an office building for my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in and as I opened the door of my car, a huge gust of wind completely pushed the car door out of my hand and flung it open all the way.  No problem, I thought, until I attempted to close the door to no avail.  It would not close.  Here I was sitting in my car in the midst of million mile an hour winds hanging on to the car door for dear life.  If I let go, it would fly all the way open again.  You can see in the photo above the dents from the door opening so far out.  Fortunately, some car help came speedily and eventually the car door was fixed, but what an eventful lunch!
I'm now all the more careful when opening my car door any time it is a super blustery day!!
On a happier note, in March Mr. G and I had so much fun going to dinner with our friends Heather and Neil.  I have found that getting to know your significant others' friends and introducing him to your friends is a real treat!  We had dinner at a local favorite and watched the Baylor Men's Basketball team beat Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament!!  What a night!  

We are supposed to have a cool front come through tonight!  I'm hoping these cooler temps stay with us for a while! :)  Happy Weekend!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celebrity athletes, Canton & more!

There is just something exciting about seeing this guy prepping for his photo shoot of the latest NCAA video game

So it was no surprise that the morning Mr. G and I decided to leave for our Canton adventure, this menu item was happening at our favorite local coffee shop.  I have yet to try this distinctive drink, but hope to soon!

Our trip to Canton was so fun!  It was still a little chilly, but we enjoyed perusing lots of booths.  Before we left, we stopped in one of my absolute favorite stores in Canton, LaurieAnna's Vintage Home.  I found so many adorable things, but brought this precious apothecary jar with darling bird perched atop home.
Now, it holds all of my k cups for my Keurig! :)  Happy Happy!

In other news, I enjoyed lunch at our favorite place with some of my besties, Miss Em and her mama Heather, one fun Saturday this Spring and we ended our adventure with a pedi!
What a fun way to spend a Saturday! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And then it was Valentine's Day

Oh my goodness, well a month after meeting him, Mr. G was still calling and asked to take me out for Valentine's Day!  I was elated!!
Then, I thought, what will I give this man as a little Valentaine's Day surprise?
Why, his favorite cookies of course -- coconut macaroons!

These were pretty easy to make.

I was probably most nervous about mixing the egg whites, but soon the "soft peaks" described in the recipe appeared!

Of course, dipping them in a little chocolate ganache was a fun little extra!

I put all the macaroons in a little cellophane bag, tied it with ribbon and placed it in a Baylor Tervis tumbler.  I think he liked his surprise! :)
Soon the 14th was here and I was so excited because he hadn't shared where we were going!!
My sweet friend Ashley put my hair in an updo and I put on one of my favorite party dresses!
Soon, there was a knock on the door and he surprised me with these beautiful pink roses!
We got in the car and our first stop was a favorite restaurant -- Elite!
We enjoyed a delicious meal and when we got back in the car, he let me open an envelope with the tickets to our next surprise destination -- Chris Botti!!!
I was thrilled!  Chris Botti is one of my absolute favorite musicians.  I couldn't believe I would be listening to him play live with our local symphony.
The concert was fantastic!

What an amazing Valentine's Day!! :)