Sunday, October 13, 2013

Registry Fun

Completing our gift registries was a really fun part of the wedding planning process.  It is such a sweet tradition for friends and family of the bride and groom to help the couple begin their life together.  Now as a girl raised in the South, my mama had been talking china patterns with me since I was 10 years old.  I still remember the first time we were out shopping and she suggested we take a walk through the china department.  It was so exciting to me to think that one day I would choose a pattern of my very own!

G and I chose to register at two national stores (Dillards and Bed Bath & Beyond) and several local shops in my hometown and the town where we live.  It was so exciting to walk through the stores and select things that would help turn our house into a home.  We chose kitchen items, dishes, small appliances, bed linens, bath linens, and comforter sets for both the master bedroom and guest bedroom.

I thought today I would give a little run down on our dish selection. :)

Several of my friends recommend registering for a set of Le Cadeux melamine dishes and glassware.  We love this set and use it all the time.  It is dishwasher safe, but does not go in the microwave.  I love the Tuscan pattern and the idea of being able to use these for outdoor dining, too, since they are not breakable!

We selected Juliska Berry & Thread in white for our everyday pottery.  I love the simplicity of the white with the understated pattern.  We chose Jardins du Monde in green for the glassware.  We love the green goblet and the dessert plates and bowl provide a nice option to mix in the green with the white if we want to.  We also loved the Berry & Thread stainless, so we registered for that, too.  PS. The green glassware does not go in the microwave.  Trust the voice of experience. ;)

Of course, I wanted to register for Christmas china!! ( I'm a little dish crazy ;)  We chose Winter Festival by Pickard.  I had never seen this pattern before, but it was an instant hit for the mister and me.

Finally, for our fine china, we went with Autumn by Lenox.  This pattern is one of the oldest patterns Lenox makes.  It originally started in 1918 and when I found that out, the pattern grew in its place in my heart because that was the same year my grandmother Muvie was born.  Growing up, I had always loved the simplicity of the single gold band in another Lenox pattern, Eternal, but lately, Autumn had just started to stand out and the mister agreed, it was the right choice for us.  

Needless to say, I know I'm a little gaga over my dishes, but I'm so looking forward to the holidays and getting to use them to share meals with family and friends.  Cooking for people and entertaining is one of my very favorite things to do!

We were so blessed by our generous friends and family to help fill our home with gifts that remind us of them each time we use them.  I remember helping my mom prepare for family meals and sometimes I would ask her where she got this or that and more than once, she would say, "Oh, that was a wedding gift".  I've always loved buying gifts for family and friends for weddings and showers, getting to see their selections and now, I'm sure it will have even more meaning.  

What were some of your favorite things you registered for?
What china pattern did you select?

I just love hearing about others experiences, too!

This is day 13 of a 31 day series about Our Journey to the Altar.  Click the link for the previous days' posts.

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  1. Ah I love the idea of Christmas china! It will be great to have a special set to use year after year :)


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