Monday, November 11, 2013

Saying "I do"

It is such a special thing that our ceremony recap post falls on the same day as our six month anniversary.
The Mr. and I have been living the married life for half a year and what an adventure it has been!

All photos in the post courtesy of our amazing photographer, Kelly Hosch.

After the photos were finished, it didn't seem long before I was summoned downstairs to line up with my dad.
 Groom and his guys making their entrance
My sweet little nephew walked in with his mama just like I had dreamed!
So thankful that these three were a part of the special day.

I am so grateful that this moment before entering the church was captured.  Standing at the back of the church, focusing intently so I would remember that moment always, and holding my dad's hand, so strong and sure, I was so thankful this dream of my life was actually happening.

The moment we had been waiting for was here.  I had dreamed all my life of what it would be like to walk down the aisle on my father's arm and it was every bit as wonderful as I had imagined.  I remember taking it all in and cherishing this amazing moment, surrounded by our family and friends as I walked toward the love of my life.
This photo of dad giving me away is another of my favorites.  
He has always encouraged me to go after my dreams and marrying G was no different.
Another incredible moment of the ceremony was when three of my precious cousins read 1 Corinthians 13.  Their contribution to the ceremony was such a precious gift to me.
It was also increibly meaningful for my childhood pastor to officiate the ceremony.  
His special words on this day continue to speak to me.
Standing at the altar and seeing our precious friends and family surrounding us was such a blessing.

Exchanging rings
What significance that circle of metal brings.

The pronouncement and kiss
Another special moment was when our pastor gave us the Bible he had used during the ceremony and said a blessing over us.
We did it!!

What a glorious day!!
I'll end with this precious photograph of our sweet flower girls and ring bearer.
The giddy delight in Ashley's smile is exactly what was in my soul.

Then, off to the reception!

This post is Day 30 of a 31 Day Series.

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  1. that venue is so beautiful!! also, i LOVE the cathedral veil!!


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