Monday, October 21, 2013

My Work Shower

My wonderful coworkers threw a fabulous fete to celebrate our upcoming nuptials!

These ladies thought of everything!

From the delicious fruit punch and coffee punch -- a wonderful homage to our love of morning caffeine!

To the beautiful cupcake tower

To the handcrafted chocolate "C"s in our wedding colors -- a tribute to my love of all things monogrammed!

To the touches of baby's breath -- our flower of choice for the wedding :)

To the delicious pretzels dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled in silvery gray sugar crystals, a delightful mix of savory and salty -- my favorite -- and also continuing with our color theme,
everything was so perfectly planned and meaningful!

Everyone was so thoughtful and generous.

We received so many wonderful gifts that we use all the time and have helped us begin this new journey as husband and wife.

I'm so thankful for all these ladies who made this wonderful experience possible 
and made me feel like such a special bride-to-be! :)

This post is day 20 of a 31 day series on Our Journey to the Altar.

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  1. What a cute, thoughtful shower! I love the special touches!


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