Monday, October 14, 2013

Wedding Food!

Choosing the food we would serve at our wedding was another fun thing to decide!  

When I was a Baylor student, every Friday for lunch we would head to the most amazing burger place right off campus called Big Daddy's.  Homemade chips, green chili burgers and tater tots fried and seasoned to perfection were just a few of the wonderful menu items served.  Mr. G had also had his share of Big Daddy's deliciousness during his time at our hallowed alma mater.  Unfortunately the restaurant had shut its doors several years ago, but only because the catering business was booming!  After attending several catered dinner events during our year of wedding planning, G and I noticed a theme.  The food was consistently delicious no matter what menu items were served and it was all catered by the man who had owned Big Daddy's!  Needless to say, we gave Blanek's Custom Catering a call. :)  And here is a tip I would like to pass along, if you are attending any dinner events while you are trying to choose a caterer, these offer the perfect way to sample menu options. :)  
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
(The culinary genius himself to the left)
 We chose to have an appetizer table that was preset for guests to enjoy as they arrived at the reception while G and I took a few post ceremony photos.  Then, when we arrived, the buffet opened!  For our dinner, we chose chipotle cream chicken and bacon wrapped pork roast (both of which we had sampled at a catered event and LOVED!).  We also had twice baked potato casserole, green beans, Caesar salad (the groom's favorite) and rolls.  Everything was as delicious as I remembered and I heard over and over from guests how wonderful the food was, too.  Another tip for any brides-to-be, going with a seasoned caterer with an excellent reputation around town is a great choice.  How the food would taste or be served was never a question in my mind.  Also, Blanek's was so great to work with.  They took care of everything and when we met with them, they were able to guide us in their wealth of knowledge from previous experience.  I knew we were in good hands and everything turned out exactly as we hoped!!

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
Enjoying our first meal as man and wife!
G did ask me to take time to stop and enjoy dinner with him at our reception and I'm so glad he did.  It was a perfect way for us to pause, take in the moment, and eat while our guests went through the buffet line.  He knew that I would be tempted to flit around, trying to visit with guests the whole night and end up being super hungry.  From the beginning, he has always looked out for me and I sure love that about him. :)

What did you serve at your wedding?  How did you decide?

This is day 14 of a 31 day series of Our Journey to the Altar.


  1. We LOVE food so our wedding was all about a meal to remember! We were married at the Auberge Du Soleil in Napa, and they're known for having an amazing restaurant. We had a seated four course dinner starting with a beet salad, scallop appetizer, lamb as the entree, and then lemon cake with raspberry filling. It was amazing! It's so helpful to go with a place or caterer who has a good reputation, and food that you already know you love.

  2. Yum! Sounds good! We did stations at our wedding and I think my favorite was the pasta station. We had different sauces, types of pasta and toppings to go in it and the chef would cook it anyway you wanted. That is so sweet that your hubby and you took the time to eat with each other. We didn't eat at all until we got in the limo and then we stuffed our faces with the food in the basket our caterer had packed for us!


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