Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding Flowers

As I thought about flowers for our big day, I knew that white flowers would fit my color scheme and Pinterest certainly provided wonderful inspiration.  Click here for my "wedding flower" board.  Yes, I had an entire board devoted to flowers -- I just love fresh flowers!  I knew I wanted light and airy, and I knew I wanted my bouquet to be made of peonies and roses.  I think the peony might be my very favorite flower!  I also hoped for dramatic and elegant arrangements at the reception and with the pictures I had seen of large clusters of baby's breath, I thought gypsophila would provide the perfect effect.

Here are photos of some of the beautiful floral arrangements my maid of honor's father and dear friend created for our big day.  All photos courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography. :)

My gorgeous bouquet of white peonies and roses

The ethereal bridesmaid bouquets of beautiful clusters of gypsophila

One of my favorite touches were these elegant pew markers.
I absolutely loved their effect down the aisle.

Closeup of the altar arrangements

The beautiful cluster of arrangements in pewter urns at the front of the church.

An orb of baby's breath in one of the centerpieces at the reception.
I love the lighting in this photo.

A wreath of baby's breath surrounding the beautiful silver candelabras my friend Heather let me borrow.

The gorgeous flowers by the fireplace.  I love the gypsophila garland on the mantel.

Another gorgeous centerpiece at the reception.  
I loved how these reminded me of the Eiffel Tower.

Beautiful flowers by the book.

It is amazing to see your hopes and dreams transformed into something even more beautiful than you imagined.  I am so deeply thankful for the tremendous gift my friend shared with us through his creativity and eye for design.  The flowers were the perfect touch on this glorious day!

This post is day 9 of a 31 day series about planning my wedding.  Click here for the previous posts.

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  1. Your flowers were gorgeous!!! I love love your bouquet with the peonies and that fireplace!


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