Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls Weekend!

Sometimes you just need a relaxing weekend with some of your favorite people.  I am so thankful that reality happened for me over the past few days.

Friday night, the gals gathered at our house for a fun dinner in.  Mr. G and I had made these incredible baked tacos a few weeks ago and thought the filling would be the perfect addition to the Mexican stackups we had on the menu.
So thankful for these ladies!!
We enjoyed chips, salsa, guacamole, southwest rice and cheese along with the tasty taco filling. :)
Wheels brought a delicious salad and even made her own vinaigrette!  It was delish!! :)

Snapping a pic during a cooking break. :)
We also enjoyed some of these yummy bevvies from my According to Nina giveaway win -- so refreshing!  I loved the pink polka dot paper straws!!

Friday night we finished dessert with this yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cake and a chocolate ganache.  It was really easy and SO tasty!!

After enjoying a leisurely start to Saturday (well, Lindsey is training for a race, so her morning was a little less leisurely than mine!), we enjoyed this delicious breakfast casserole from The Mix and Match Mama.  I love Shay's blog so much and her recipes sound so good!  I'm thinking this breakfast casserole will be in the rotation for sure -- maybe even for Christmas morning!

And now we arrive at the part of the weekend where I forgot to take pictures!  Oops!  :)

The rest of Saturday was a total gabfest with only a break in the late afternoon to watch Nights in Rodanthe.  Oh, Nicholas Sparks, how you make a girls weekend the best!  Needless to say, Mr. G left to go watch some major college football games. :)

Saturday night we all met up with some of our other favorite friends for dinner at one of our fave Mexican restaurants in town.  As you can see, we love our Mexican food!  Almost three hours flew by and I was so glad to catch up on life with my peeps. :)

Sunday, Mr. G and I went to our newlywed Sunday school class, enjoyed morning worship with the gals and then continued the yummy food theme of the weekend at another delicious Mexican food place -- we can't get enough!!  This restaurant always makes the cut because they serve free queso! :)  I did stray from my usual order, though, and tried the barbecue bacon burger and it was AMAZING -- exactly what I was hoping for!  Food does thrill me so much -- maybe a little too much... ;)

Then, the sad part...saying goodbye.  I always hate when these weekends end, but cannot express how refreshed and revitalized I felt to spend such quality time with friends.  With all the changes this summer of travel, marriage and getting used to a new home, good friend time was just what the doctor ordered!

What are your favorite ways to recharge on the weekend?  Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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