In March 2011 I had the opportunity of a lifetime -- to travel to Israel.  The following list outlines the different places we visited on our journey:

1.  The Night Before
2.  Journey and Arrival
3.  Caesarea and a few more tidbits here
4.  Tiberias
5.  Mount of the Beatitudes
6.  Caesarea Philippi
7.  Sea of Galilee
8.  Capernaum
9.  Loaves and Fishes
10.  St. Peter's Primacy
11.  Nazareth: Mount Precipice and Nazareth Village
12,  Church of the Anunciation
13.  Nazareth Finale
14.  Sepphoris
15.  The Jesus Boat
16.  Mount Carmel
17.  Megiddo
18.  Bet She'an
19.  Jordan River
20.  Leaving Tiberias
21.  Dead Sea Scrolls
22.  Masada
23.  Going to Jerusalem
24.  The Lord's Prayer
25.  Jerusalem Morning
26.  Gethsemane
27.  Peter's Denial of Christ
28.  Jerusalem Model and Dead Sea Scrolls
29.  Bethlehem
30.  Lion's Gate
31.  Pool of Bethesda
32.  St. Anne's Church
33.  Jesus Before Pilate

I'll be adding to this list as I complete more posts.  Enjoy the journey!

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