Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wedding Music

I have to admit that one of the things I had been looking most forward to about the wedding was the music.  Music has always been a huge part of my life and I absolutely love classical music.  I felt like the music we selected would set the tone for the wedding and honestly, I just love listening to the music any time we pop in our wedding dvd.  
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
 One of the things I had always hoped for was a string quartet.  I was wanting a baroque feel with lots of Handel and Vivaldi in the prelude and it was the perfect way to begin the service.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
 Another huge blessing was the incredible music gifts that my family shared with us during the wedding.  My cousin Pat sang "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" during the seating of the wedding party and I still get chills each time I remember standing outside of the room where we were getting ready and listening to his wonderful presentation.

Our parents and grandmother were seated to the string quartet playing Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze", one of my very favorites.

The bridal party entered to what may possibly be my favorite song of all time, Pachelbel's "Canon in D".

For my entrance, dear friends played the trumpet and organ to Clarke's "Prince of Denmark March".  I felt like a queen.  Their musical gifts made the moment I had waited for for so long of walking down the aisle, absolutely everything that I had dreamed.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
 My precious cousins Caroline and Rosalie began the service with the call to worship, which was a gorgeous a capella arrangement of "The Doxology".  They gave us the gift of such a sacred moment and brought focus to the One by whom all of this beauty and happiness was possible.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
 My sweet friend Judy shared her musical gift by playing the piano.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
 I had wished my whole life that my aunt and uncle would sing a duet at my wedding and they, too, made this dream come true by sharing their gorgeous voices in singing "The Prayer" by Sager and Foster.  It was such a special moment for me, listening to them sing this special song that my cousin Pat and I had sung five and a half years earlier at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
Another wedding music dream came true by having my childhood music minister, who impacted my life both musically and spiritually in such a profound way, sing "The Lord's Prayer".  His moving rendition served as the ending prayer for the service.

We recessed to Vivaldi's "Spring", another one of my favorites!  The string quartet did such a beautiful job and I felt like this song was wonderful considering the season and the lightness and joy it offered.

I will never be able to completely describe how special the music in our ceremony was for me.  Music has always had the incredible ability to move my spirit in ways that nothing else can and the music in our wedding met and exceeded every expectation I ever had.  I am so so thankful for all of these precious people who shared their musical gifts with us on this special day.

This is day 8 of a 31 day series of our journey to the altar.  Read the previous days entries here.

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