Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days School Days

I was remembering this morning as I waltzed into work, how my precious Daddy would serenade Mom and me with a rendition of the song "School Days School Days Dear Oh Golden Rule Days" while she fixed my hair.  I guess, with the school year starting, those memories just flood my mind.  I remember a certain hot pink and black plaid dress I had in kindergarten that I would have worn every day if Mother would have let me.  Funny thing is, I still feel that way sometimes about certain outfits.  I try to make myself space them out by a week at least, though! 

The class I'm taking this semester begins tomorrow and I'm looking forward to learning lots from my friends Martin, John and Jonathan, that's Luther, Wesley, and Edwards respectively, of course!  :)  it should be a semester full of theological depth -- now how much of that I'll grasp is the
true question!!  I'll leave you now with a picture of my new literary treasures and some other friends with whom I just enjoyed a cup of tea.  Allow me to introduce the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- you may recall hearing about their nuptials a few months ago...yes, I bought a mug at the British Emporium in Grapevine.  :)  Cheerio, friends!  Hope you have a fabulous week!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picture Post!

Happy Saturday!!  I've enjoyed a fun day beginning with a fabulous brunch at a local museum, some relaxing time at home, a workout on the elliptical, a mani/pedi (I may or may not currently have pink glitter polish on my fingers...so fun!!), and finally a trip to the grocery.  
As I looked through some pictures on the computer, I found quite a few that I have yet to blog about, so please enjoy these oldies, but goodies!! :)

First Stop:  Girls' Weekend!!
Several months ago, my friends Lindsey and Erin and I enjoyed a fun girls' weekend.  After dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, we decided to take a little walking tour of downtown.  The pic above is of the tallest building in our downtown area.
Here are more details about the Alico building.

From the base looking up :)

The three amigos! :)

A wonderful historical theater in downtown

A tornado devastated downtown years ago and this sculpture memorializes that event.
Lindsey and Erin paused for a pose by the mailbox on our tour of downtown. :)

This same weekend, one of my friends got married in a beautiful ceremony.  
Here is Kim's beautiful wedding cake.

And Kim's candy buffet!  I LOVE these things!!

Komen Race for the Cure was on Saturday of our girls' weekend event, so here are Lindsey and me getting ready for the race.

Next Stop: Neiman Marcus
Have I shown you this?  An adorable gift from my friend Amy!  I love it.  There is a mirror inside. :)

After a board meeting in big D earlier this year, I found myself very close to this very fun place!  After having received my adorable mirror, I found this sighting to be quite appropriate. :)

I wish I had time to stop in.  Unfortunately, I just had to drive on by, but hope to return soon!
I went to a book review in January that was over a book about the life of Stanley Marcus, so it really inspired my to go to the downtown Dallas store where the magic all began!

Third and Final Stop:
My roadtrip home after Easter
As I drove back home from Easter break, I paused for a yummy meal at Northpark (aka "The Mother Ship").  Tin Star is one of my faves in the food court.

I entered the mall through this fun little store...

I was on a shoe mission and found SUCCESS!!

Here are the fab results!  Not to shabby?!

After my shoe finds, I realized I was close to where this fun friend works, so I thought I would stop by and say hello.

However first, I thought a surprise treat to go along with my surprise visit might be a fun idea!!

I do love any excuse to stop by Sprinkles! :)
Thanks for going along on this little journey through these photos.  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I had a fun and very busy weekend!!  It started by ending my work week a little early and heading to my parents' house Thursday night.  Friday morning Mom, Muvie, and I headed to Houston to see my cousin Pat in "The Wizard of Oz".  Of course, we stopped for lunch at a really yummy place -- Collin Street Bakery!!
Oh, I just love these ladies!
Then, we continued on our road trip!
Next stop -- OZ!!!
But before we were granted entrance into the Emerald City, we waited for the house to open.  Here are two pretty special gals waiting in line! :)
First of all, the show was spectacular!!  I especially thought the Scarecrow was phenomenal! :)
So realistic!
Tin Man and Scarecrow

The guys

It was so fun to watch Pat on stage -- he is so talented and completely embodies his character!!  So fun!

So glad I got to spend time with this special gal, too!!  

The scarecrow with his sister and my other cousin.
It was so fun to get to see her and her family.  They live far away, so visits like these are always super special!

The whole gang (minus our precious photographer!).  Boy, I love spending time with them!! :)

And I just couldn't leave without a picture of the adorable wreath on Pat and Glenda's door--perfect for Pat's role!
Thanks for such a wonderful weekend and such a wonderful show of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
(I couldn't resist!)  
Hope to see you again very soon!!

Another very fun thing about the show was that at intermission, they served some of these little tasty items and even more fun was the fact that each program contained a coupon for a free "bundtlette" at their new location.  We just had to stop on our way out of town! :)  So many fabulous flavors!  If you have one of these stores nearby, I would wholeheartedly encourage a field trip to check it out.  Believe you me -- you will not leave disappointed!! :)
Then, we headed back to my hometown to get some good rest before a very special shower the next afternoon...
For this very special couple!!

I have the privilege of being the Maid of Honor for this precious gal and was able to do one of my favorite things of all, in fact, it is one of my lifelong dreams (probably a dream that has been in my little heart for as long as I have known her -- we've been besties since first grade, after all) -- writing down the gifts at the shower!  
I LOVE this role for multiple reasons:  
1.  I LOVE to write.  Cursive is so fun to me.  Quite appropriate that my second grade teacher, who taught me this fabulous skill, was also present at the shower.  :)
2.  I love to ooh and aah over each gift and when you get this seat, you get to be right in the action!  
3.  I like to sit with my friends at showers and it's super special when my friend is the one being showered with gifts!! :)

Some of the beautiful gifts!

Refreshment table centerpiece
Aren't these roses stunning?
We also enjoyed some incredible strawberry cake and other yummy treats!

The present pile :)

The bride and groom-to-be with their fabulous hostesses
What a fun time I had!!  Can't wait to see you again very soon! :)
(Oh, and a shout out to my mom for sharing some of her fabulous pics with me!)