Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wedding Accesories

The accessories I chose for the wedding had deep and significant meaning because my grandmother Muvie, who I was incredibly close to, had passed away the September before our wedding in May and adding pieces that belonged to her made me feel as though she was with me each step of the way.

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

The brooch I wore on the knot of my beaded sash belonged to her

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

as did the beaded leaf brooch that I wore in my hair.

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
Another of Muvie's brooches graced the lace wrapping of the bouquet I used for my bridal portraits.

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
The pearl earrings I wore on the big day were a gift from Muvie on my thirteenth birthday and the pearl necklace my mom fastened around my neck was a gift from her and my dad on my sixteenth birthday.  It's added significance was that they purchased it years before from a local jeweler in my hometown that my family had used a lot over the years.  It meant a lot to me that they thought to purchase such a special piece for me before the jeweler closed.

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

My final special accessory served as my something blue and could have served as my something old as well.  I go by my middle name and my first name is one that has been passed down for I think 5 generations.  When my grandmother Muvie turned 13, her great-aunt gave her a sapphire ring that she passed down to my mother on her 13th birthday and my mother passed down to me.  My mother wore this ring in her wedding and you can see from the picture above, I wore it in mine, too.  This ring has always been special to me because of the legacy it carries and I was so thankful to wear something that had belonged to two very special women in my life on this wonderful day.

What were special accessories you wore on your wedding day?

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  1. I love this Carroll! I pray that one day Sutton feels the same way about me and chooses to use my things on her special day.


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