Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wedding Colors and Style

On Day 4 of our 31 Day Journey to the Altar, I thought I would talk about the overall style I hoped for our big day.
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
From the first moment I ever thought about what my wedding would be like, I knew I wanted it to be classic, understated, and elegant.  Now, an interesting tidbit about me is that I had always wanted a winter wedding, but with the timing of our meeting, engagement, and work schedule, a winter wedding just wouldn't work, so I let go of lots of my preconceived notions about the wedding and embraced the opportunities that a May wedding would bring, like peonies being in season!!  Before, when I considered winter, I thought of a wedding ceremony at night with candlelight filling the sanctuary, but now, that we were planning a Spring wedding, I hoped for a light and airy experience.  The wedding would take place during daylight and accentuate the church's beautiful stained glass, while my dreams of candlelight would play out at the reception as the sun set, allowing the glow of the centerpieces to take over.

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
Choosing my colors was something I thought long and hard about.  I knew I wanted more of a neutral palette and going with the light and airy idea, white and ivory seemed to be a perfect choice.  For a contrasting color, pewtery grey continued to rise in my mind and allow for lightness as well as the neutral feel I was hoping for.  Everything was coming together!  It still amazes me how different my wedding as a 32 year old bride was than all the other wedding ideas that had floated through my mind the previous years. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the journey to the wedding dress!

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