Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Next Decade...

Yes, it is true, I crossed the bridge into the land of the 30s on Sunday.  Maybe now I should watch the series "thirtysomething" to learn more of this brave new world.  So far the terrain is...surprisingly familiar.  My sweet mother had a luncheon for me (complete recap will follow soon) and one of the things my friends discussed was our "perfect" age or the age we will always feel like.  One said her age was 17 and another said 25 and I sat there stumped.  I'm not sure what my perfect age is.  Part of me has always felt like I was an 85 year old in a younger body, but then again part of me feels like a child, wondering if 5 years is more my speed.  After all, kindergarten was a pretty good year!  Hopefully my travels in 30land will give me more insight.  I will look forward to sharing my findings with you all as I journey!  Hope you have a blessed evening!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Fall, Y'all!

Ok, so aside from channeling my inner Paula Dean on that title (I just LOVE her!!), I am so thankful we are experiencing some cooler weather around these parts.  Autumn is definitely one of my absolute favorite seasons.  All the harvest decor, crispness in the air, and not to mention the yummy scents and treats that we experience this time of year make Fall a fave in my book.  Last summer I got a wonderful cinnamon bun scented candle at a darling candle shop in downtown Eureka Springs.

Now, I am faced with a total dilemma because I thoroughly enjoyed its scent so much, that I completely used it up!  What shall I replace it with?  Please let me know if you have favorite fall scents!  I hope you are enjoying the cooler temps and are having a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Back Girls' Weekends and Game 4!!

Before I begin the story of all the fun, I just wanted to share a picture of these precious spider mums I picked up at the store.  They have graced my bedside table for almost 3 weeks and still look pretty fabulous!!
Ok, so now to the fun.  My precious friend since childhood, M, visited me for a girls' weekend about two weeks ago and we had such a good time.  We watched movies, ate at some yummy restaurants, shopped, and just had a wonderful time getting to visit and catch up!  We also managed to fit in a little trip to a local fave frozen custard place. :) Thanks so much for visiting me, M!!  I can't wait to see you again soon! :)
C & M
The next weekend I was lucky enough to have another girls' weekend visit!  This time my special guest was my mom!! :)  Saturday morning we got up bright and early to watch the March of the Bears!  It was a glorious crisp, cool October morning and we were looking forward to watching our favorite team arrive at Floyd Casey!  Since kickoff for Game 4 was 11 am, the Bears marched in at 8:30...

Here we are awaiting the arrival of our favorite football team!!

After the Bears arrived, we headed to the Baylor Sports Network tent for a fun breakfast tailgate!

Cute table decor!
Me & Mom
We had such a nice time at the tailgate.  The weather was perfect, so we enjoyed a good visit while we waited for the game to begin. :)
What a beautiful day!
The BUGWB...Wonderful as always!!

What a wonderful game!!
After such an amazing game (GO BEARS!!!), Mom and I shopped a bit and headed to Elite for an early dinner.  All that cheering at the game had made us hungry!  

Thanks so much for the visit, Mom!!  I had such a wonderful time and can't wait to see you again soon!

Hope you are all having a good week!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game 3 Weekend

Three weeks ago, my sweet friend L and her mom invited me to go with some ladies from her church to a Beth Moore live simulcast event.  It was so good!!  It started on Saturday morning, so Friday night, L and I headed to this yummy place for dinner: 

Aren't those lights fun?

It was actually cool enough to eat outside!  

Saturday morning was the fabulous Beth Moore event and then I met Mom, Dad, AD, and K for the BU/TCU game. 
Our seats were in the upper deck and in the shade.  We were thankfaul because it was so hot that day!

How fun that you can see downtown Fort Worth from the stadium!!

And here are some of my very favorite football buddies!!
It was so good to see you all!!  Can't wait to see you again soon! :)

Happy Birthday, G!!

Today is my grandmother's birthday!  I am so thankful to have her in my life.  She is one special lady!  It was such a joy to grow up right down the street from her.  I have such sweet memories of visiting her and my grandfather on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, watching TV Westerns, and playing chicken foot and go fish.  I look forward to many more sweet memories with her!  Hope your day is wonderful!!
Here she is with precious N & A.
Thank you for all the ways you have blessed my life!!  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Hope you are all having a great evening!  Yay, tomorrow's Friday!! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conference and Game 2

I had the incredible opportunity to attend "The Greater Cause" event led by Anne Graham Lotz and Jim Denison.  Stephanie Seefeldt led us in worship.  What an amazing experience!  God used this event in a mighty way and I am so thankful I got to take part. 
It was so wonderful to get to go wtih my dear friends the H family.

 DBU hosted this life-changing event in their beautiful Pilgrim Chapel.

It is actually modeled after the very first Baptist church in America in Providence, RI.

After powerful evening and morning sessions, I headed back for the second home game for the Bears.

My sweet friend, E, and I enjoyed a fun dinner tailgate prior to watching the Bears post their second win of the season!!  Go Bears!

Family Day!!

With the fun arrival of M & E for the first Baylor game, the rest of the fam hit the road and joined us for a delicious lunch here.

 Then, we spent a little time celebrating this special lady:

 We bought some yummy cake balls at Olive Branch and enjoyed them with cups of delicious southern pecan coffee.  Nothing like a hot cup of coffee with a little something sweet!

That night, M, E, & I headed to Elite for dinner.
C & M

Adorable M & E
It was so good to see the whole family!  Hope to see you all again soon!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Game Day 1

The Bears opening game at Floyd Casey was such fun!  E & M arrived Friday night and then L arrived on Saturday.  M & I started off our game day at this little place...

We are ready to cheer on the Bears!!

Yummy Punkin' Pie coffee!!  One of my favorite flavors. :)
Mine is on the right with the tell tale milk added...
After getting our caffeine for the morning.  M & I met E at the bookstore for some pregame shopping.
Aren't they the cutest!!
Then sweet friend, L, arrived.
  Here we are before heading to lunch!
And where else would we go before the first game of the season to gain nourishment for cheering?

You guessed it!  Such a yummy place.  We didn't get fried pickles this time, but they are my favorite!! :)

E & M

M, me, & L

Sister & Brother pic!
After lunch, L & I made a trip to another fun place to satisfy our sweet tooth!

Peanut Butter Cupcakes!!  So divine!  And yes, they are garnished with peanut butter m & ms.  :)
On to the game!!  The Bears hosted Sam Houston State for the season opener.
Love that BU!!  Great job, BUGWB! :)

President Starr ran out with the Baylor Line!  So great!

Look at that Line!!  Go Bears Go!

Here come the Bears!!!

Happy Fans!!
After the game, L & I met up with C & E for some yummy Mexican food and another sweet treat...

Here is my custard cyclone with fresh peaches...Yummy!!

We love Katie's!! :)
C & C
E and L
What a perfect end to the day!!