Friday, October 25, 2013

Hometown Shower

It was such an amazing treat to be honored with a shower in my hometown.  

The beautiful table with all of the delicious goodies!
Even the flowers fit with my ivory/white and silvery gray color scheme. :)

And the treats!!
Delicious meringues and one of my very favorites -- petit fours!
It was so special that the petit fours were even personalized and in our color scheme to boot.  Each detail was executed to perfection!

Our sweet hostesses
These ladies have taught me, encouraged me, and befriended me in such an influential way that I am reminded of their wisdom and support in my life almost daily.  
It was so generous and kind of them to honor us in this special way.

It was such a treat to see dear people I hadn't gotten to see for far too long.

From keeping up with ribbons for my rehearsal bouquet to pouring punch to writing down all of our gifts and organizing them, everything was taken care of perfectly.  But I'll be honest, that's what these ladies have been  doing for years, taking care of me each step of the way!

G and I had the best time opening the generous gifts that people truly "showered" on us.  We were overwhelmed with thankfulness by the way people have supported us as we began our new life together.
(On a side note, apparently I also make lots of expressive faces when I am opening gifts!!)

We will never be able to thank our friends and family enough for the way they have continued to encourage us in this new chapter of our journey, but we pray that we will be able to pass on the loving support and encouragement that we were so graciously given to those we encounter on the journey ahead.

This post is day 22 of a 31 day series on Our Journey to the Altar.  To read previous entries, click here.

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  1. holy crap! your hometown really takes care of you! everything looks perfect.


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