Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bridal Shower

Some of my sweet friends hosted a beautiful shower for me about a month before our big day.  It took place in my precious friend Heather's gorgeous home and I had the most wonderful time.

a photo of the wonderful hostesses and me :)
These ladies put everything together perfectly -- it was truly a dream!
I am so thankful for their friendship and generosity.  They have been friends through life's ups and downs and I am so thankful for their support in this new chapter.

The table was an absolute masterpiece filled with every delicious brunch treat you could imagine and accented by a beautiful floral centerpiece in glorious pink and white.

I certainly could not resist these scrumptious treats for long!!
1. A closeup of the beautiful flowers  2. An outpouring of generosity to open  3. The gorgeous invite -- complete with monogram!!

I loved getting to share this time with one of my precious flower girls.  

So thankful for the friendship of these two!

What a dream to share this special time with my mom and future mother-in-law!  I certainly hit the jackpot with these two and am so thankful each day that God planned for us to be family.

Oh my goodness, you know those times your heart just wants to explode?  Yeah, this day was definitely one of those.  When I think of all the friends who have been a part of my life's journey and were able to share in this sweet celebration, some traveling great distances, my heart overflows with thankfulness and gratitude.  
It meant so much to see each sweet face.  

 And here I just want to pause and thank my friend Erin for taking over camera duties and capturing all these sweet memories.  It makes me feel like I am back at the party!


  It is so fun to look back at these "live-action" photos and remember conversations and happy laughter!

And these photos Erin captured of gift opening are hilarious!  I can honestly say, I loved this part!!  Is that awful?!  Being the bride is something I have looked forward to my whole life!!  I loved opening each sweet gift and am so thankful for all the ways these friends have helped G and me start our new life together.  It is so fun to look back at these pictures and see so many things we use all the time that remind us of those who so generously gave to us.

And these two have been with me literally from the beginning, my mom and her bestie, my Auntie Di.  
Auntie Di was the third person to hold me when I was born after my mom and dad!!
I love you both so much and can't thank you enough for your love, encouragement and example you provide of what it means to be wife and mother.

This post is part of a 31 day series.


  1. What a beautiful shower! You can definately tell your heart was overflowing in these pictures! You look so happy!

  2. It all looks wonderful and I love your dress :)


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