Sunday, November 3, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

Before we knew it, it was the night before our wedding!  
It was so exciting to walk through all of the steps we would take the next day when we would finally become Mr. and Mrs.

It was such a treat to visit with family I hadn't seen in too long and hear the glorious music that would fill the church on the next day.
Each image captures such precious moments that still seem surreal even now.
From the looks of some of these photos, I was a little giddy!!  
I just remember being so happy that all of this was actually happening!

I loved how the children in the wedding got to be besties during the course of all the festivities.  
Those sweet friendships were such a fun bonus!

After we finished all of the rehearsing, G's parents hosted a fabulous fajita fiesta at one of our favorite downtown restaurants.  My precious maid of honor put together a beautiful slideshow filled with photos from our life.  It is certainly a humbling experience to look around a room and see faces who have walked through all seasons of life with you.  

I am so grateful to have these people surrounding us as we forge ahead in our next chapter.

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  1. I love your dress and boots! So cute!! And what a great idea for a fajita fest - yum!!


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