Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marriage Prep

The curriculum we used through Legacy Family Ministries
One thing Mr. G and I did before the wedding that was really helpful was to walk through a structured curriculum that guided us think of things we might not have discussed before our big day.

Going through this book with chapters on different topics from finances to family traditions, helped us to think about things like our budget and division of chores before it was our reality.  I think having different assignments before we met with our leader, helped to hold us accountable to processing through the different topics.

Part of our journey was also doing some personality assessments and not surprisingly, Mr. G and I are almost complete opposites! :)  Talking through our differences helped us anticipate the areas that would be challenges once we were married.

We also did Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages assessment and I thought it was so helpful to provide new insight to each other and how we each feel loved the most.  Again, our love languages are different, too, and that keeps us on our toes as well!

A very special part of our journey through this marriage prep course was at the end when special couples in our lives wrote us letters of encouragement.  It was so meaningful to read their words and the wisdom that they shared.

Going through this premarriage curriculum certainly hasn't kept all the challenges of married life at bay, but I feel like it has given us some good tools in our toolkit to use when we do face difficulties.

Another book recommended to us that I hope to use in the future is called Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas.  This book talks about the different styles of relating to God and helps you understand your way and those of your loved ones.  Since hearing about this book in our premarriage meetings, I've heard of it two other times, so I definitely want to check it out.

What were books or curriculum you found useful before you got married?  What are things you have read since you married that have been valuable?

This is Day 15 of a 31 Day series on our Journey to the Altar.  See the previous days' posts here.

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