Friday, October 18, 2013

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Deciding what my hair would look like for the big day was a fun process.  Again Pinterest played a big role in allowing me to pin styles I liked and once I saw them all together, I noticed a theme -- simple and sleek. :) (Click here to view my "wedding hair" board.)

My wonderful friend Ashley did my hair for the engagement photos, my bridals and the big day and I LOVED the way it turned out.  She is so talented and captured my vision perfectly. :)

photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

The veil fell from the top of the updo just as I had hoped. :)
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

I was a little afraid of not getting my makeup to look right on the big day if I tried to do it myself, so I left it up to a professional as well.  April was fantastic and she did my makeup for our engagements, my bridals and the big day as well.  Having her do my makeup for the engagement pictures was a great way to decide what kind of style I wanted.  I definitely wanted a dramatic eye and I loved the way my makeup turned out!  
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography

I was definitely so thankful for these ladies and all the help they gave me as we planned for our big day.  

This day 17 of a 31 day series of Our Journey to the Altar.  To read the previous posts, click here.

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