Saturday, August 17, 2013

Morning GIfts

I would have never believed this several years ago, but I am a morning person, especially when I awake to a day that is free from a schedule and filled with possibility.  These mornings are rare I will admit, but I find getting up early is not a chore on days like these because my mind begins brimming with all the fun things I would like to do with the day and I can't wait to begin!  Here are three gifts I have found this morning:

(1) Truth

Spending time in God's Word, nourishing my relationship with Him is so important and I can tell a huge difference in my day if I do not begin with intentional time spent with Him.  I've been using the Jesus Calling daily devotional lately and have found it be an immense source of encouragement, conviction and renewal.

(2) Watching the sun as it begins to peek over the trees.
I love the opportunity to savor the way God renews the world each morning with His gift of light.

(3) Coffee with my husband
I love when a morning allows for savoring that first cup of coffee in a large happy mug.  It's especially nice when I get to share that time with my favorite friend. :)

Happy Weekend!!

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