Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gifts Red, Read and Written

(1) Red
I love my red "Keep Calm" mug.  Not only for its timely reminder, which I'm afraid is always something I need to remember, but also because it reminds me of the precious friend who gave it to me.  She loves all things British and so it is the perfect way to remember her.

(2) Read
I have been reading Jesus Calling each morning lately and I love it.  I think I have mentioned it on here before, but each morning the words speak to my soul and convict my heart.  I have also enjoyed reading so many blogs lately!  The linkups I have joined have been a fun way to find new blogs to read, too. :)

(3) Written

Yesterday, Mr. G and I went to Target and I bought a new planner.  My old one was about to run out and I have enjoyed some time this evening filling in the new events I know so far for the upcoming months.  There is something about writing by hand that just thrills my soul!  I think I would love to take a hand lettering or calligraphy class.

Hope you all have had wonderful weekends!

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