Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday!

We made it -- it's Friday!!  This week was full of activities.  I think I'm getting a taste of what the fall will be like.  In the summer so many of our activities and groups take breaks from meeting that it was a bit of a surprise to see my calendar start to fill with after work meetings.  :)  Today, I'm linking up again with these fabulous ladies to talk about 5 fun things that happened over the week.

(1) Lunch Prep
I've seen so many great Pinterest links talking about having snack drawers or lunch drawers all ready to go for the week with fresh fruits and veggies washed and prepacked in ziploc bags.  Stephanie at The Vintage Modern Wife has a great post about this very thing!  Mr. G did a great job of getting us all ready for the week ahead by prepping grapes and baby carrots plus crackers and pretzels in the pantry.  It definitely made getting our lunches together in the morning much easier!  

(2) Breakfast Muffins
Another way to make mornings easier at our house is to have a delicious grab and go breakfast option.  I found this recipe for the Pioneer Woman's  "My Mom's Muffins" and they are fantastic!!!  I made up a batch Sunday night and we enjoyed them all week long.  They are the perfect accompaniment with your morning cup of java!

(3) Special Wedding Gift

When I was trying to decide on a wedding present to give my groom, I wanted to find just the right thing.  Several years before we met, he had bought this adorable cottage built in the 1920's.  Since he had just sold it, I thought asking my grandmother's best friend to paint a watercolor of his house would be the perfect remembrance.  We were overwhelmed at the beauty of her work and her perfect rendering of this special place.  She was so precious to give it to us as a wedding gift.  Not only are we so thankful for this beautiful art, but for the precious friend who painted it.

(4) Friday Morning Treat
This morning a hot glazed donut was the perfect way to start the day!

(5) Our Wedding Photos
photo courtesy Kelly Hosch Photography
I know I've mentioned our wedding photos before on this link up, but we received the flash drive this week!!  We get to meet with our amazing photographer next week to put together our wedding album!  I can't wait. :)

Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. You were a beautiful bride! Love the idea of the painting for your hubby, so unique and personal!


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