Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today's gifts are three green ones and I have to admit for awhile I was in a bit of a quandary, but then I remembered:

(1) the perfectly ripe avocados purchased at HEB and our latest obsession with making homemade guacamole to accompany almost any dinner creation whether it really makes sense or not.  Mr. G is in charge of mix the guacamole to his perfect consistency and I dart in and out of stirs with a little lime juice, garlic, garlic salt and regular salt.  (I kinda like my guacamole salty) :)

(2) the green grass that encircles our home due to the more than typically abundant rainfall we have enjoyed this summer.  Savoring the green hue of the grass rather than its usual August brown is an extra special treat.

(3) my grandmother's favorite color was green and her birthday was in August.  Mr. G asked me the other day what a peridot was and he told me it was the birthstone for August.  I felt like it was a little nod to Muvie who we will still remember and celebrate on her birthday, but for the first time without her present with us.

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