Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday!!

So thankful it's the weekend and I am so excited to link up again with these fun girls (Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April) to celebrate five fun things from this week!

1.  Guestroom

The bedding I absolutely fell in love with when we did our wedding registry came in the mail this week.  I couldn't wait to make the bed in the guestroom to see the full effect!

2.  Baked Tacos

This was a fantastic pinterest recipe that Mr. G and I made last night and it is such a winner!!  It wins the triple crown of recipe adjectives: fast, easy, and delicious!  We will definitley be adding this to our list of tried and true recipe winners.

3.  Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

I have had the amazing opportunity to listen to some of the most wonderful speakers over the last two days.  The above screen shot is from my phone's Willow Creek Summit app, which you can download to see a list of all of the dynamic speakers.  I've definitely followed several new people on Twitter because God used their words to impact my life.  I had also heard of this book called Bread and Wine for a while and really wanted to read it.  Well, one of the hosts was Shauna Niequist (her dad is Bill Hybell, the pastor of Willow Creek) and I found her introductions to be so heartfelt that I decided I needed to add her to my Twitter feed.  I looked at her Twitter bio and she WROTE the book Bread and Wine!!  Now, I definitely want to read it!  The (in)courage book club has been reading it this summer and their website will have oodles more info.

4.  Celebrate

Tonight we got to celebrate the birthday of a precious friend!  We had the best time complete with made from scratch Italian cream cupcakes with the most amazing cream cheese frosting.

I have a feeling I will be remembering the cupcake for days as well as the fun we were able to share around the table as we celebrated our friend!
Happy Birthday, Erin!! :)

5.  Shutterfly Book

We received in the mail today a beautiful book of our honeymoon photos from Shutterfly!  I spent several evenings putting together our photos using the website and submitted the finished product for print.  Much to my amazement, I saw the email confirming that my book was being shipped when I realized that I had overlooked the change of address section and the book was being sent to my old address.  I immediately called Shutterfly and they took care of everything.  They said not to worry and printed and mailed another book to our house.  I'm so thankful for the great care they take of their customers and now we have a beautiful book to house our Hawaiian memories!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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