Monday, July 25, 2011

Going to Jerusalem!

So, after our trip to Masada, we were ready for lunch, so Dan arranged for us to grab a quick sandwich at a fun place!
I don't know if you have ever used AHAVA skincare treatments, but they are created from the salt of the Dead Sea.  I remember when an adorable boutique in my hometown carried the line and we always knew some AHAVA bath products would be the perfect treat for my mom.  I remember her telling me they were made in Israel, so it was surreal to be at the factory, which was right across the street from the Dead Sea!  I may or may not have left with some souvenirs from the gift shop! ;)

These sculptures were in the lobby.  They are made from the Dead Sea salt!
After lunch, we changed into our swimsuits and jumped in!
Well, maybe it was more of a slow, gradual process to getting in the sea, but once we were in, it was fabulous -- you really do float!!

Here is a photo of the beach.  Word of caution: whenever you go to the Dead Sea make sure to pack some water shoes -- those rocks are kinda poky to walk on!

Said rocks.  Don't they look sharp?!
The Dead Sea was so relaxing.  We met some fellow Americans as we floated along and one plays for the WNBA and was a former Volunteer under Pat Summit!!  Small world.

The water does really have amazing properties and so does the mud on the surrounding beach.
The view doesn't hurt the experience either!
After our time in the Sea, we spent a few minutes in the warm sulfur springs nearby. 
It was a wonderful spa experience and I could have stayed all day, but Jerusalem beckoned!

After we loaded the bus, we drove for a while before we came across this sign.  Again, I was overwhelmed by the reality of where I really was!
We were Going to Jerusalem!!!
Now, a little inside scoop on the phrase "Going to Jerusalem".  When I was little, my dad and brother and I would play this boardgame that had belonged to my great grandmother called "Going to Jerusalem".  It was so neat because the little pieces you moved around the board were apostles and you would stop at all these different sights along the way, reading biblical passages as your apostle moved along the path.  I can't wait to play again now that I have actually visited some of the locales!
Image found here.

Then, as we journeyed down the road, our bus came to a stop, so that we could experience a fun surprise -- camel rides!!! :)  I was hoping we would be able to do this!


Jesse and August

Isn't he cute?!

Then, it was my turn!

Listening to instructions. 
Oh my goodness!  When the camel stands up, you feel like you are leaning forward much further than you are! 
We made it all the way up!

Riding off into the sunset.

Then, I decided I would pretend like I was in a circus and give a big wave! :)

So much fun!

The camel kneeling down was also a surprise -- I thought I was almost going to fall off!

What an amazing experience!!

After our fun camel rides, we loaded back on the bus and drove to Jerusalem.
God gave us the gift of a beautiful sunset to enjoy on our way.

We also passed a bedouin village as we journeyed closer to the city.

And soon we were on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The sky was painted the most beautiful colors. 
I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Finally, we arrived to begin the next part of our adventure!

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  1. Did you see the Real Housewives of New York ride camels in Morocco? And Luanne's had a fit and almost threw her off? Glad that didn't happen to you! :)


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