Tuesday, August 12, 2014

St. Anne's Church

After seeing the Pool of Bethesda, we went into St. Anne's church.  
This church is located on the traditional site of Mary's birth and St. Anne is traditionally known as Mary's mother.

I loved this beautiful wrought iron cross outside of the church.

Outside of the church.

Our group entering the church.

This church had the most glorious acoustics and as we entered, another tour group was seated and had been singing.

We joined in with them.

They were from West Virginia.  

As we sang together I was immediately transported to First Baptist Church, Sulphur Springs with many of the song we sang, including "Alleluia".

One woman from their group had called her mother on her cell phone and we sang a song she loved.  

What a precious blessing.  

I am amazed by technology sometimes, it's power to connect us in ways that would have never previously been imagined.

The group from West Virginia left and we were able to sit and sing some songs together.

I felt in my soul I had been to church as I walked out the doors.
For me, it was one of the most glorious experiences of the trip.


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  2. wow! I would LOVE to be in a church like that! seriously, so gorgeous!


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