Thursday, June 2, 2011

Church of the Annunciation

Today, we will continue with our journey through Nazareth.  One of the highlights of my tour was visiting the Church of the Annunciation, which is a traditional site of the place where Gabriel visited Mary as recorded in Luke 1:26-38.
Images of the outside of the church

This door depicts various images found within Scripture.

The church is built upon what was thought to be Mary's family home and one of the traditional sites of Gabriel's announcement to Mary.  This image gives a view of the home upon which the original church was built.  These photos were taken in the lower level of the church.  

Here is a broader view of the traditional home site.  This area is also referred to as the grotto.
Beautiful stained glass

Artwork depicting Gabriel's announcement to Mary.

These photos provide a closer view of the home.  It was fascinating to see how it was made of stone.
Another view
The steps inside.  I wondered where those steps led!
Looking upward to the dome

Here is a view of the original church that was built around the traditional home.
Another view for perspective
Artwork on the original church
More stained glass
Then, we entered the upper part of the church and beautiful stained glass and artwork abounded.
All along the walls are beautiful works of art given by different countries.  This image of Mary was given by the USA.

Here is an image of the sanctuary from further back.
Another perspective of the church.  You can see on the left a few of the other images of Mary that have been given.

More beautiful stained glass above.

The artwork at the front of the church denotes Christ in red toward the top with Peter standing beside him.  Behind and to the left, Mary is seated and clothed in blue.  
This is an image of the alcove to the right of the central altar area.
Here is another image of the central altar.
More artwork depicting Mary.
It was so beautiful to see the different perspectives each country provided.
Doorway surrounded by stained glass
Mary images
This photo was taken after exiting the church.  I just loved the architecture and tile roof of this building and also the palm tree in front.
I believe these are remnants of the Byzantine church located in the area.

Below is a description detailing information about the mosaics above.  

I believe the artwork above is from Czechoslovakia and below is from Italy.
It was quite surreal to experience a traditional location of such a powerful narrative exemplifying humble servitude and embrace of God's plan for her life.  


  1. Loved this Carroll! Thank you for sharing. Truly appreciate my vicarious trip with you!

  2. What a nice trip! :)


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