Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lord's Prayer

Our first morning in Jerusalem dawned bright and beautiful!
But before we headed out for our day of adventure, breakfast beckoned.  I forgot to mention earlier that we entered Jerusalem on Friday evening, so we were told breakfast the next morning would be a cold breakfast due to Shabbat.  We enjoyed tasty pastries and the most phenomenal cereal pictured above.  These little cereal puffs were filled with chocolate!!  So delish!  How I wish I could find them in the States. :)  I'm feeling a grocery store trip in my future!  Okay, y'all know I get a little sidetracked by the food!  Now, for our first stop of the day...

We walked near the Mount of Olives to enter the traditional site where Jesus taught his disciples the Lord's Prayer.
A stunningly beautiful church has been built on the site.

In the courtyard were different renderings of the prayer in a wide variety of languages.

So, now I'll let you in on a little secret...I frequently was confused on the trip about where the traditional places really were.  Eventually I would figure it out (usually after asking a few questions), but this photo was taken of what I thought was the place traditionally cited where Jesus said the Lord's prayer.  I thought it was strange that it was out in the open...

Not to worry...this is the place!  It makes more sense that it is well protected and set apart! :)

Here is an image of some of the prayers in different languages.

A beautiful walkway surrounded the courtyard.

I loved the architecture!


One of our professors discussing the Lord's Prayer with the Latin version in the background.

Beautiful arches

In English!

I just loved the design elements, especially with the beautiful blue sky peaking through.
Next, we headed to the Mount of Olives!

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