Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sea of Galilee

After our trip to Caesarea Philippi, we headed to the Sea of Galilee.  I couldn't believe we were going to get to go across this body of water that I had heard of all my life!!

It rained that day and I was so thankful to have stuck my little Vera Bradley umbrella in my carryon!  She got us through some stormy weather. :)  Here I am with my friend Amy as we prepared to board the boat.
Once we got on the boat, Dan would point out different areas as we went by them.  It is amazing how much activity occurred around the Sea of Galilee.
This photo shows the cliff in Gerasene where pigs ran down to the sea after Jesus sent the demons into the herd.

Another picture from the boat.

Here is the view from the back of the boat.  We left from Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene, one of my absolute favorite women of the Bible.  Several years ago, I read an incredible book by Margaret George, Mary, Called Magdalene, and it was a fascinating work of historical fiction.  I highly recommend it!
Here is a view of the sea.  In the far off distance you can sea another boat and sea gull in the air.

As we journeyed across the Sea, we read different passages of Scripture about events that occurred here.  Here is Ebony reading Scripture.
A view of the Mount of the Beatitudes from the Sea of Galilee.
Petra and Rosa
Another beautiful view.
They played some really fun music as we journeyed along and enjoyed an impromptu dance party!
Here is Chris reading another passage.  It is really amazing to consider all the miraculous events that occurred on this wonderful body of water.  Jesus walked on water here and he calmed the raging storm.
 I suppose it was only appropriate that it rained while we were on our journey across.  Certainly it was nothing to the storm Jesus calmed, but it did give us all a taste of a less than placid trip across the water.
 Once we reached the other side of the sea, we were at Geresene where Jesus healed the man with the legion of demons. 
 We stopped at a restaurant on the water and after our rainy and chilly travels, warm yummy soup was the perfect appetizer to our lunch!
 Chris and Amy
 Caitlin and Mo
 A wide variety of foods on the table, including carrots, beets, hummus, and tasty pita bread!!
 Yes, I did try the St. Peter's fish!  The presentation was a little different than I am used to in the United States, but oh my goodness, was it good!!  Seriously some of the fish I have ever eaten in my life!

Next, we venture to Capernaum!!  Hope you are having a good week! :)


  1. So beautiful, Carroll! The food looks yummy too :)

    PS. Love your Vera Bradley umbrella xxoo

  2. so beautiful! i am loving these updates, keep them coming!!!


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