Monday, April 18, 2011


After lunch, we drove to Capernaum.  On our way, we got a closer look at the cliff where the pigs would have run down into the Sea of Galilee after Jesus sent the demons into them in Mark 5 and Matthew 8.  The following picture doesn't do much justice because it was rainy and taken from the bus, but it is looking out onto the Sea of Galilee from the road built on part of the cliff area.
This view of the Sea of Galilee was to my left from the bus.
This photo is the view to my right of the cliff area.
Here is another view of the cliff area.  You can tell this was taken inside the bus because of the sticker!
Here is another view of the Jordan.

And another...I couldn't get over that it was right there!

Here is the entrance to Capernaum, which was Jesus' home base for his ministry.
I thought these flowers were so pretty.
These are some ruins of the city.

A statue of Peter.
Architectural beautiful!

Ark of the Covenant inscriptions
Synagogue ruins from afar.
Another view.

Part of the structure around the ruins some believe to have been Peter's home.  The engravings above are boat images.
I believe some think this may have been Peter's home because of some distinctly Christian markings found on some of the stones.
Another view.
The sun came out!
The olive press
Another olive press or gethsemane

The plaque on this stone ruin tells what family gave money for it.

More ruins

Here we are entering the synagogue.  This moment was one of many that were so special to me on this trip.  To recognize that Jesus had taught in this space where I walked, was incredible to fathom.

The dark stone is the original synagogue structure that would have been present when Jesus lived in Capernaum.
Another view of the synagogue.  The white stone is the structure that was rebuilt in the 4th century.
There were kitties lots of the places we went. 
View of the columns.
In front of a column ruin.
These columns were tall!

 I think these dark stones are still part of the original synagogue structure.
 Here you can see the differentiation between the two structures.
 My "memory jogger"! :)
I just love those trees!
 I've enlarged the above photo, so that you can click on it to read more about the synagogue.

 And after all the rain in Capernaum as I walked to the bus, the sky looked like this!  What a beautiful sight!
 Hope you are having a good week!  Next stop Feeding of the 5000!! :)


  1. love this!!! i am so fascinated by the olive press. i love seeing how people did things with 'ancient technology' haha. :)

  2. Wow. I think that is so neat that you tread where Jesus has tread. Awesome.


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