Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Celebration Edition

Yes, I realize we are on the cusp of a new weekend, but I have a few items to report on and celebrate from last weekend.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Baylor Bears are Bowl Bound and this little bear is so happy!!

Secondly, I just discovered how to upload my pictures and videos from my phone to my computer!!
This is also a major cause for celebration because now I can share some photos from my trip to Fort Worth for a conference just prior to last weekend.  You see, aside from the Baylor victory, most of my weekend consisted of writing a paper that was due Wednesday.  Though it was quite interesting to learn about the life and times of Marguerite de Navarre, detailing my weekend of research and writing does not the most exciting blog post make, so I will give you a few snapshots from my time in Fort Worth.
I arrived on Wednesday night and a group of us ate at the legendary Joe T. Garcia's.  Delicious!!

I don't have a photo from this particular dining experience because we ate outside and it got a little dark, but here is my plate from another trip to Joe T's this summer.  This trip I got the enchiladas -- so yummy!!

When I got to my hotel after dinner, here was my downtown view from my window.  
I just love those city lights!

Oh, and one neat aspect of my trip was that I stayed in the hotel that was the last place JFK stayed.  They have a tribute to him in the hotel as well as cards that tell more about his stay there. I think then it was called Hotel Texas, but now it is the Fort Worth Hilton and I must say that they had the most impeccable customer service.  I would definitely stay there again!!

Good Morning, Fort Worth!

When I saw this star in the convention center, I knew I was in Cowtown!!
It was a great conference and I learned a lot.

Thursday night, a group of us ate dinner at Traverna, an Italian restaurant in downtown.  
It was delicious!

After my final session on Friday, I headed for a quick dinner at Mi Cocina before heading home.
A little Diet Coke and chips & salsa was the perfect end to my time in Fort Worth!

When I got home that night, it was time to head to the Baylor Men's Basketball game!
So after a quick change into some Baylor gear, I was headed to the Ferrell!
 I got some really fun pics with an action setting on my camera, so I'll try to load those soon. :)
The Lady Bears had played earlier and both teams won, so my weekend of celebration continued.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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