Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Megan and Todd's Couples Shower

Post 2 of 5 of Wedding Fun!! :)
One beautiful fall evening, I got to attend a sweet shower held at a friend's farm for Megan and Todd.
Aren't they adorable!! :)

Megan, Mandy, Todd and Eric.
Oh those boys always do the funniest things!
We were served delicious hamburgers and those yummy pieces of chicken wrapped with bacon, cheese and jalapenos.  I can't remember what they are called, but they are delish!

After enjoying our dinner, we played ladder ball (I think that is what it is called -- I was certainly a novice!)
In this game you divide into two teams of two and a representative from each team is at either end of the playing field near a ladder.  You try to toss the string to the other ladder, so that it wraps around.  It is tough!  The picture above demonstrates a successful toss.

First up the bride and groom played Mandy and Eric, the matron of honor and her hubby.  
Both teams played exceptionally well!

Then, I played with the groom's dad and the bride's brother and sister-in-law.  Let's just say I will need lots of practice!!  I did manage to wrap the string around once, but for the life of me, have absolutely no idea what I did differently on that toss!

Here, the bride's brother and groom's dad both demonstrate their technique!

After several rounds of the game, it was time for presents!!

This particular shower was a gift card shower, so Megan and Todd have lots of fun shopping and dining adventures ahead!

The hostesses gave the couple this beautiful floral arrangement and aren't those pretty special butterflies?!
I thought that was so creative!

Sweet engagement photo of the couple

Then, it was time to make floats for dessert.
I just love this face Megan is making -- so classic!! :)

All of our soda choices.

Megan's dad made a purple cow and I was so eager to see what it looked like that I had to take a picture.  
I learned that a purple cow is vanilla ice cream and grape soda.  
Now, I need to go to that restaurant in Dallas called the Purple Cow!

A photo of the other photographers, capturing the moments!
I think this event was well-documented. :)

The sky turned such a gorgeous color -- perfect for such a lovely evening!

What a fun party for such a fun couple!!

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