Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Now, before we begin this recap of some pretty significant prewedding activities, let's review some wedding prep essientials:
1.  Sonic drink -- necessary for any and all wedding prep.  We cannot get thirsty, people!
2.  Prewedding mani/pedi session -- relaxing and beautifying all at the same time.  Not to mention, fun!
Friday morning was filled with the bustle of listmaking, checking items off said list, and enjoying a little pampering.
The Mother-of-Bride enjoying a little pedi pampering.

Bride and sister-in-law

The finished product
I think Megan chose "You're a Pisa Work" for her polish color.
Oh, to name the OPI nailpolishes!!

Such a happy day!!
The wedding eve! :)

Don't worry folks, the maid of honor enjoyed her time in the pedi chair.
Y'all, this pedicure was PHENOMENAL.  In fact, some of the products they used were so good, I think I might have to take a brief station identification break to tell you about two of the products they used. (Can you tell I have been listening to a little Baylor football/basketball on the radio lately?  Love that play-by-play by John Morris!)  Ok, back to the task.  The stuff they use is from Frisco, is organic, and is called Farm House Fresh.  I would like to share with Santa Claus himself that I will definitely be adding these treat to my wish list: 
This body scrub is amazing and it smells good, too!!

Then, they use this incredible lotion:
Seriously, this stuff smells fabulous and is perfect for fall.  
I just want to tell you that after their pampering experience, these toes were feeling pretty fabulous!

The mother of the bride and I chose the same polish, so it was a definite photo op!

She got her manicure in the same fabulous color. :)

"Come to Poppy"
Oh, OPI, you and your fun nail polish names -- it never ends!!
Well, after we were so fabulously pampered, it was time to get the show on the road.
We had a rehearsal to go to!!

Megan and Todd got married in a precious country church with a historical marker.
I meant to take a picture, so we could read all about it, but I forgot.
The doors at the front of the church were transformed the next day with gorgeous zinnias.
Prerehearsal convo with key players:
Groom, Bride, wedding director extraordinaire, Jane, and phenomenal officiant, Brother David.

The rest of the party enjoyed some fun prerehearsal chat time, too.

Jeannie, Mother of the Bride, Eric, and Mandy

Brother and Father of the Bride

Father and Grandmother of the Groom

Lacy and Caroline -- one ADORABLE flower girl!
Love the accessory!  Very fitting of the part!! :)
Prior to the rehearsal, she busied herself coloring some horses. :)

After we rehearsed, it was time for dinner!

The rehearsal dinner was held at a beautiful historical home.
We enjoyed some more fun visiting right before dinner was served.

Mandy and Eric

Todd and Megan
The stars of the weekend!

Gorgeous centerpiece

Jeannie, Ian, and the best man
Brother David, Kathleen, and Jane

Jeananne, Lacy, Me, Caroline, and Sarah
Sweet Kathleen stepped behind the lens to take this one. :)

Carrie and Brad

Mother and Father of the Bride and Father and Grandmother of the Groom

What a fabulous couple!

Eydie, John, and Mark

After the fabulous dinner, which I am so said I did not get a picture of, it was time for more presents!
Just in case you were wondering and so I won't forget, we had salad, pork tenderloin, green beans, some of the most incredible mashed potatoes I have ever eaten, and cherry crunch for dessert.
I asked the ladies serving us if they have a cookbook.  I'm hoping they are thinking about this great idea!
Spoiler alert:  My heart and tummy were very happy when I saw these same ladies at the reception the next day!! :)

Todd gave his groomsmen MacGuyver kits and Megan bestowed upon her maids gift cards and a dvd for Tom's shoes!!!  I am so excited because I have always wanted some Tom's.  I'll be sure and update you with my choice. :)  I'm thinking sparkles...

Then, Todd and Megan gave sweet gifts to the parentals.

Sarah, Todd's niece and the other fabulous flower girl, decided to take a picture of her grandad opening his gift. 

Then, for the bride's parents' gift...

I think they like it!! :)

Sweet Sarah serenading us

Then, it was Jeannie's turn :)

What an A+ evening!    
Next, it was time to get some beauty sleep for the next day's exciting event!!

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