Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Big Day!

Before we knew it, the sun was rising and wedding day was dawning!  
We enjoyed a leisurely morning, got ready and then, journeyed to the church.
The beautiful bride

The bride with one of her darling flower girls

Mother and Daughter

The bride with the other precious flower girl

All three :)
I thought Megan's bouquet was gorgeous!

The bridesmaids' bouquets were beautiful, too. :)

Groom and bride after "first look" photos

Soon, it was time to line up and process into the church.
The ceremony was a beautiful time of commitment of these two precious lives.
I can't wait to see the professional photos taken and relive this special time.

Then, it was time to party!
The reception was held at a beautiful lake nearby.

Jelly and preserve favors for guests

A few of Megan's stunning bridal portraits

The tables were all decorated with colorful cloths, beautiful flowers and fabulous vintage plates.

iced tea glasses

The setting by the lake was perfect.

Groom's cake

Closeup of top layer

Floral accent on the cake table

The bride's beautiful strawberry cake.

Vintage bride and groom salt and pepper served as the cake topper.

Mr. and Mrs. tea towels reserved the special seats for the bride and groom.

More framed bridal portraits

Birdseed to toss at the bride and groom was tucked away in these fabulous zinnia seed packets designed by the bride's brother.

Sweet Caroline

More fabulous decor

Photo op with my mom and grandmother.
I just love multigeneration photos!

Then, the bride and groom arrived in this fabulous vintage car!

Such a glorious day!
The weather was perfect.

The bride and groom greeting their guests.

Of course, my first question for the bride was to see the wedding ring or in Megan's case rings!  
I love ring guards. :)

My mom with the father of the bride

A centerpiece closeup

Flower girl enjoying a Dublin Dr. Pepper and a little cotton candy. :)
She did a wonderful job tossing petals down the aisle.

John and Eydie
Eydie played the piano beautifully at the wedding.  
I was a junior bridesmaid in their wedding and it is always fun to see them! :)

Then, it was cake cutting time!!

Another photo of that sweet flower girl

And one with her mama.

Father of the bride enjoying a piece of cake.  It was delish!

I just loved the adorable glasses that the iced tea was served in.

The bride's brother captured some fun photos with my camera, too.
Here is his darling wife, Jeannie!

one happy maid of honor

Another photo of the beautiful bride

Now, in an earlier post I told you how thrilled I was to see that the same ladies who had prepared the food for the rehearsal dinner had prepared food for the reception.  
Please see exhibit a above -- pure deliciousness!!

closeup of the groom's cake
I have no words for the wonder that was this cake.

It reminded me completely of the cake from bazaar scene in Pollyanna!

It was so fun to spend time with these sweet girls!  I can't wait for Thanksgiving to see them again. :)

Lacy, Megan, and me
We three have been friends since elementary school.
Love these girls!

Megan's ring with the ring guards.

Reception views

Muvie visiting with the bride.

what a special day!

Bride's aunt and mom

Ian and Eric played a game of horseshoes.

Closeup of the bridal bouquet with Megan's gorgeous brooch accents.

Then, the bride and groom danced on the pier.
Such a precious moment

Next, it was time for the father-daughter dance!

After that, the groom danced with his sister.
Then, the groom's father danced with the bride.
After the dances, we took a group picture.
What a special remembrance of this precious time.

Then, it was time for the bride and groom to depart in a cascade of birdseed.

One final kiss and they were on their way!

Such beautiful weather for a beautiful day.

Congratulations, Megan and Todd!!
May God richly bless your new life together!


  1. Carroll, you did a splendid job of making me feel like I was there! Megan is lucky to have such a wonderful friend! Wish I could have had a bite of that cake myself. It looked YUMM-O! Love you!!!

  2. oh i love it so much!!!! thank you for posting these!!!

  3. Such a fun wedding!!!! I love it when weddings match the bride and groom's personalities :) And I absolutely love all of the vintage :)


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