Monday, December 20, 2010

Dallas Christmas Party

My friend L hosts a very fun Christmas party every year.  We always have the best time and I look forward to it each holiday season.  This year my friend E and I drove up to Dallas for the festivities.  Here are a few pics from the fun!
One of the L's beautifully decorated trees.  I love all the colors!

Me, E, & L

E is trying to type on my iPad.  That little keyboard is kinda tricky!!
I forgot to get pictures of all the food and the guests mingling. 
L had quite the wonderful assortment of delectable delights for us to feast on, including these amazing gingerbread cookies, the traditional yummy queso, and many other delicious treats! 

The next morning we headed to Rusty Taco for breakfast!!

Yummy!! :)

Then, to one of my favorite places in the whole world!!
I just love the pecan Santa and reindeer that fly overhead at Northpark.

Here we are before a little retail fun!
What a fun weekend, girls!!

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  1. I can't keep up with all of your posts! You went awhile with no posts, then all of a sudden, I'm behind! It's feast or famine over here, huh!?
    So excited for Megan and Edwin! And for you--first time aunt!
    As usual, I'm jealous of all of the yummy treats you've been devouring. I love reading about all of your trips and time with friends & family. You know how to live life! :-)


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