Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Gift

Isn't this adorable?!  It is a mirror compact that a dear friend gave me for Christmas and I thought it was too cute not to share! :)

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Christmas Eve in a snug warm place with family and friends nearby.  I love the anticipation of Christmas Eve and remember so many nights where sleep was more difficult to latch onto than a snowflake in 100 degree heat.  However, I would finally drift to dreamland and awake often before the fingers of dawn crept on the horizon, but even if I couldn't go back to sleep, I knew I was closer to discovering the gifts of the season under the tree than I had been the night before.  It is with this same anticipation that I pray we greet the Christ Child who is born to us in this season of joy.  May we celebrate Emmanuel, God with us, with the same wonder and awe as the shepherds beheld Him the night of His birth and the magi after their long journey.  Lord Jesus, renew in me the hope and wonder that You bring and empower me with Your Spirit to share that hope with others.  Thank you, Almighty God, for this season of Christmas and for being "God with us," the most wonderful treasure of all.  Christmas blessings to everyone!

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