Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so fun!!

It started off with a trip to my hair guru Ashley and once again she worked her magic on my locks!!  She chopped 3 inches from my mane and added some fun highlights, too!

I'm just loving my new style and how she was able to give me some beachy waves with her magical curling iron!  The best part is that in the two days since, I've been able to style it on my own and that is what I call haircut success. :)

After the hair salon, my task was to do the grocery shopping while my sweet hubs cleaned the casa.  It was so nice to get all our chores finished on Friday, so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend.  As we were putting the groceries away, I inadvertantly spilled almost an entire container of blueberries.  Those small dark blue spheres spilled all over the floor -- ugh!!  Needless to say the next morning, I returned to the store for more blueberries. :)
On the left is the container with the few blueberries that survived my clumsiness and on the right, the full container purchased later.  That moment was so comical to me, I just had to write it down to remember!

Saturday morning, I got to attend a blogger meetup for brunch and shopping!!  It was my first blogger meetup ever and it was so fun!  I'm planning a full post later this week recounting all the details. :)  I loved getting to meet so many new friends and enjoy lots of fun treats. :)  Major thanks to Stephanie, Casey and Adrian for hosting such a fabulous event!  Here's a sneak peak at some of our fun:

After the meet-up, I headed home to put my apron on and start preparing a dinner to celebrate G's parents' anniversary!  I think one of my favorite things is sharing a meal with people I love and it was so much fun to put together a menu of some of my favorite foods!!  We enjoyed a lemon pepper pork tenderloin, green bean bundles, my great-aunt's "fabulous potatoes" and for dessert, a chocolate chip poundcake.  It was so nice to enjoy a leisurely dinner together and then sit in the living room and visit with a warm fire crackling in the background.  I am so thankful for my precious in-laws!

Happy Anniversary!!

Sunday was filled with church, relaxing, and a little more cooking. :)  My goal on Sunday is to make a meal that will feed us for several days and with the cooler temps in the forecast for the beginning of the week, I made another pot of my mom's potato soup.
I also made some whole wheat blueberry muffins for G to take for breakfast this week.  

I might have to sneak some for my breakfast this week, too! :)

It is the best feeling having some meal planning taken care of before the busyness of the work week begins!  What was your favorite thing from the weekend?  Happy Monday!!


  1. love the hair and those earrings!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the new hairdo and so jealous of the blogger meet up!!! How sweet of you to fix dinner for your in laws anniversary!


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