Thursday, February 13, 2014

Warby Parker Help!!

I just got this amazingly fun little box in the mail that I sent away for a few days ago!  I'm in desperate need of some new spectacles and had heard of the free in-home try on that Warby Parker offers.  I made my way to their space on the interwebs and chose 5 options that I thought would work.  :)  Now to decide which option to choose!!  Can you help me?

Obviously I'm a little partial to the tortoise shell!  Which one should I choose?  I have a few options that I like, but I'd love different opinions.  Thanks to Mr. G for taking all these pics!  I asked him to take them because my vision is so terrible that even if tried to look at myself in front of a mirror, I'd have to lean too close to really see what they look like!  Ha!  I am so thankful for glasses and contacts that help me see the world. :)  In fact, that is another amazing reason why I'm a fan of the Warby Parker company.  For each pair of glasses you purchase, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need!  I know what a difference glasses make in my life and I'm so excited that this company will give a pair to someone else who needs them, too.

Seriously, let me know your favorite look!!  And because I looked back at the website again last night and saw these, I'm adding them to the mix, too!  Thanks for your help!! :)


  1. I love 1, 3, & 5! I just got a pair of RX sunglasses from them, love the in home try-on option!


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