Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Five

Happy Friday, Everyone!!  Today I'm sharing 5 things that make me so happy!

This concept is not a new discovery, but time spent truly focused on God's Word is the best way for me to start the day.  Lately, I have been reading Scripture on my phone, but there is something about getting out the Book and turning the pages that slows me down and helps me focus more on what the Word says.  I've also had a renewed focus on prayer this week and how soul cleansing it can be to come before the Father with our praises and our cares.  Oh how He loves us!  I'm so thankful for a God who loves each of us so deeply and longs to have relationship with us.

2.  This Guy

This man makes me so happy.  I am constantly amazed that God gave him to me and can't believe this is my life.  For so long I wondered if God's plan for me included marriage and I am so thankful it did!  Totally worth the wait!!

3.  Rain

This photo was taken from inside our garage last summer, but we got a little rain storm this week and it just reminded me of how much I love listening to the rain.  I found myself getting giddy when I heard some thunder!  There is something just so peaceful to me when I hear the rain fall and know that it is bringing life to the world around us.

4.  Sweet Surprises

My mister knows I love flowers and surprises, so what a treat to find flowers on my bedside table this week when I came home from work.  They just make me smile every time I see them.  And he knows I love pink!

5.  Coffee

After a fun, but busy weekend, a little cup of java gave me just what I needed this Monday morning and I'm happy to welcome this fantastic bevy back into my rotation.  I bought some Texas Pecan K cups at the store last night and was so happy to take one to work.  It didn't hurt that there was a coupon for free chocolate chip cookies with the coffee purchase!  Bonus!!

I hope y'all enjoy a fabulous weekend!  Thanks to NatashaDarciApril, and Christina for hosting all the Friday fun!!

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog from the link up! Love those flowers! I'm with ya, I love listening to a good rain storm! So relaxing and cozy! Looking forward to reading more of your chronicles. ;) -Xo Amanda


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