Friday, February 14, 2014

Favorite Scriptures on Love

Today, I'm linking up with some of my favorites (NatashaDarciApril, and Christina) for their "Five for Friday" linkup and today's is a very special one because we are all bringing support to #TeamTeddy and awareness to Menkes syndrome.  You can also visit his FB page here.  Natasha wrote a great post earlier this week talking about this precious little one and his courageous fight.  Hopefully all of this support will help work toward a cure to this disease.

With all the difficulties in the world and today being Valentine's Day, I thought I would focus on some of my favorite Scriptures that focus on love.  No matter what we face, good or bad, we can rely on God's presence to guide us each step of the way.


This passage has sustained me through many desert times in my life.  The hope and assurance that nothing can seperate us from God's love is such a powerful truth that I feel such peace wash over me each time I read it.


The love chapter in 1 Corinthians is such a beautiful definition of what love truly is.  What a challenge!  Love is so much more than a fleeting feeling, but a sincere and active expression.  Reading these verse both convicts and encourages me in the way I love others.  I think more than anything, this verse provides a written representation to draw us into a closer understanding of what God's love is like.


Love is central to our two greatest commandments from God: love God and love neighbor.  No wonder Paul writes that "the greatest of these is love."


"Love one another".  I still remember memorizing this verse as a child.  How simple it's message appears at first glance, but oh the depth of challenge when you begin to apply it.  Just reading these over again has brought a new challenge with the idea of Valentine's Day and how essential it is for us to love everyone around us.  I love the quote from Plato "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".  This statement is as true today as it was in ancient Greece and seems to accent God's commandment to love each other.  God created us for community and how strong and beneficial that community would be when we can truly "love one another".


And I end this collection with one of the first verses I ever memorized, which becomes more powerful each time I read it.  This verse captures the good news, the gospel story of God's love for his people that God loved us enough to give his only Son as the atoning sacrifice for our sin.  This love gives us our eternal hope.

May you experience the fullness of God's love on this Valentine's Day and every day!


  1. Girlie...YES! Love these, love your heart...GLORY TO GOD, sweet sister in Christ!!!
    Hugging you! xx

  2. thanks for this uplifting and enlightening post! all i wanna do now is go read the new testament.. i think i will! ;)

  3. I love this, Carroll! This is my favorite Valentine's post of all that I saw! :-)


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