Friday, February 7, 2014

A Little More Info

I had so much fun linking up with Leslie last week and am so delighted she is hosting another "get to know you" link up.  Here are my answers to her questions this week!

Middle Name

Carroll :)
I've always gone by my middle name, but my first name is Catherine.  I'm so thankful for my name because I was named after my grandparents.  I am the 5th generation Catherine on my mom's maternal side of the family and the name Carroll is after my grandfather, hence the masculine spelling.  Both my grandparents for whom I'm named have passed away, so I feel like my name is one way I carry them with me always.

Where would I live anywhere in the world?

I think G would say Hawaii, but I think I might need some seasons, so here are my picks:

Summer -- Hawaii
Highs in the 80s almost every day with gorgeous beaches and waves is my kind of summer!

Fall -- New England
I've always wanted to see the leaves change their beautiful colors.

Winter -- California
A state that offers a gorgeous beachy coastline with mild temps and snow covered mountains -- sign me up!  I could still get my snow fix near Lake Tahoe, but when I need more balmy weather, I could hightail it to the golden coast.

Spring -- England
I adore English style gardens and would love to experience the English countryside in its spring finest.

Guilty Pleasures

Real Housewives any city.  Oh the drama! 


What I like best about my work is helping people discover more about who they are and what they want to do with their lives.

If I were to do anything else, I think I would like to be a writer or interior designer. :)

Five items I would grab in a fire (people are already included):

1.  My grandmother's cookbook with all her special recipes
2.  Our wedding album
3.  Our wedding dvd
4.  My external hard drive with all of our pictures
5.  A special sapphire ring that has been handed to down to Catherines for several generations.

Marathon Running -- yay or nay

Oh how I admire those who take on the challenge, but I don't know if I have the discipline for the intensive time commitment the training involves.  I'm probably a better cheerleader for my friends who accomplish this goal than a runner!

One meal for the rest of your life?

Any type of Mexican food!  I truly believe I could eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never tire of it.

Last person I spoke to...


Favorite childhood toy

A cordless microphone :)  I could spend hours putting on variety shows for my adoring fans of stuffed animals!

Breakfast Cereal of Choice

Lucky Charms -- I just can't get over how fun the colorful marshmallows are!

What are your thoughts on these questions??   Happy Friday, y'all!!


  1. Um, ditto on the Mexican food. It is my weakness! Have a happy Friday!

  2. i always wanted a whole box filled with just the marshmallows. how amazing would that be?

  3. Oh my goodness I love Mexican food too and the Real Housewives! Can't wait for NYC to come back but I am enjoying BH minus Carlton, so crazy!!!!


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