Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Christmas Mantel

Today I'm linking up with Michelle for her Christmas mantle linkup.  Be sure to stop by to see lots of mantel decorating ideas!

Toward the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, the mister and I started decking our halls.  It is a fascinating process to decorate a very new space with a very new husband!  We are choosing the idea of marathon vs. sprint for our seasonal decor as we know special accents will be collected over time.  As with our fall decor, we began with a thorough review of what we already had, including some very sweet wedding gifts that had been patiently waiting for their moment in the sun.  It was so fun to get those out of closets and boxes and find the perfect place for them to rest.  I think the only thing we purchased new for our home was the garland and fresh poinsettias!

Here is our mantel and fireplace.  I remember thinking after we had put the final touches together, that it is a pretty traditional look, which fits G and my style to a T.  Although, I do recognize a few notes of whimsy from my single gal Christmas decor! ;)

This reindeer candelabra was a sweet wedding gift that we received and I was so happy to put it on display.  I loved how the size and style fit right in with the other pieces on our mantel.

The NOEL banner is a purchase I made several years ago at our Junior League holiday market and have always loved the way it accented a variety of places I've chosen to put it over the years.  I thought the mantel was a perfect place for it this Christmas.

G received this beautiful snow globe for Christmas last year after spotting it in a local shop in my hometown.  I loved how it nestles perfectly in the garland next to a vase filled with small red ornaments. 

When we received this fabulous antique lantern last year, I started imagining all of the fun things we could fill it with and ornaments were the first thing I thought of for Christmas time!  I brought a wide variety of colors of Christmas ornaments with me in the move and thought this was a fun way to pile them all together.

Thanks for stopping by!  How are you decorating for Christmas this year?


  1. It is so much fun seeing you enjoy your "firsts" together. Your mantel is beautiful!

  2. your christmas decor is lovely! thanks for stopping by my blog! new bloglovin' follower!


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