Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Today I'm linking up with Megan and Courtney as we share our Christmas trees.  I just love seeing all the unique ways people decorate their trees from whimsical themes to storied treasures of ornaments passed down over the generations.  Growing up, decorating the Christmas tree was a special time when the house was filled with the sounds of Andy Williams on a record player and we reminisced about the ornaments as they were taken out of the box.  Each ornament seemed to carry a special memory whether it was crafted out of paper by my brother, purchased on a special family vacation or handed down by a loving family member whose memory we hold dear.  I hope as G and I fill our own home with Christmas memories, we will also collect these special ornaments that hold sweet memories for us both.  We are beginning our collection and here are a few special ornaments on our tree this year.

This summer we traveled to Boston for a work conference and found this beautiful ornament in a Christmas shop.  It was so hot during our visit that I remember it was a little ironic that we were selecting a Christmas ornament for our souvenir, but it was so special to hang this on our tree.

My boss at work has given two very special ornaments to us.
She gave me this ornament last year to celebrate our engagement

and this ornament to celebrate our wedding!  
What a fun way to remember these life changing events.

I have had this Baylor Santa for a while, but I think he is especially fitting this Christmas as we are the Big 12 Champs and heading to our first BCS bowl!!
And then there was this cutie mercury glass owl I saw somewhere and just picked up because it was adorable! :)

Thanks for stopping by to look at our tree.  Sitting in the living room with the tree lights on is one of my favorite places to be.  How do you decorate your tree?

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