Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five

It's Friday once again and I'm linking up with NatashaDarciApril, and Christina to talk about my favorite five things of the week!

Last weekend, the mister and I went on a fun little brunch date to one of our favorite restaurants.  It was the perfect start to the day and they had the most delicious flavored coffee that morning.  I think it was cinnamon almond or something like that and it was wonderful!  I enjoyed a treat that I don't usually make for myself -- a poached egg.  They always remind me of my grandfather Mackie because that is the way he always liked his eggs.  I still remember visiting their house and sitting with him at the breakfast nook while he put salt and pepper on them. :)  I think one of the reasons I love food so much is that I connect such special memories to things I've gotten to enjoy with others!

After brunch, we explored some fun antique shops around town and had a fun time envisioning what different pieces might work in different places in our house.


That afternoon I indulged in a fun holiday gel manicure.  I hadn't treated myself to one of these for a while and it sure was fun!  My favorite thing about the gels is knowing I won't mess them up before I get to the car! :)  I love how OPI is making so many of their colors in gels now, so I was able to choose "I'm Not Really a Waitress", probably my favorite red of all time and perfect for this festive time of year.


Saturday night Mr. G and I had a fun walk down memory lane.  We visited our first and second date places!  For our first date, G and I went to Starbucks and for our second date, we went to Carino's for dinner and then bowling, so Saturday night we had dinner at Carino's and then went to Starbucks for a yummy drink before looking at beautiful Christmas lights -- one of my favorite pre-Christmas treats!  Dinner was so delicious.  Their rosemary bread and olive oil seemed even more flavorful than I remembered and I loved my Spicy Romano Chicken (made a little less spicy). ;)  Then, with our peppermint mochas in hand we were ready to visit some of our favorite neighborhoods and see all the beautiful decorations with Christmas music playing in the car.  Such a fun night!


We have also wrapped many a Christmas present this week and I've enjoyed coffee in these adorable Williams Sonoma Christmas mugs my aunt gave me for Christmas one year.  This year I used some darling gift tags I had picked up one year on super sale after Christmas.  It reminds me to keep my eyes peeled for super post Christmas sales this year.
We can't wait to load up our gifts in the sleigh and make our deliveries! :)


A new recipe we tried this week was one G found and it is a winner!  It makes 8 servings, so we enjoyed it several times this week.  I had never made pork chops before, but this recipe is super simple.  We used boneless pork chops for ours and they turned out beautifully.  It does take 1.5 hours to cook, but the prep is super easy.  Enjoy!

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend as we prepare for Christmas!

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  1. Beautiful mani! I love gel too! I have been getting it since college and I don't know if I will ever go back. :) Love the trip down memory lane date! What a great idea! :) Merry Christmas!


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