Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Belated National Pink Day!!

Yesterday, when I got to work, I opened my Lilly Pulitzer planner and what did I discover?!?  It was National Pink Day and I was wearing a chocolate brown and white dress.  So how did I remedy my dilemma, you ask?  I celebrated National Pink Day today!!  Hooray! :) 

I have had a very exciting week! 

Monday evening, my sweet friend E invited me to a fabulous tropical beauty event.  We were treated to wonderful foot massages and sampled fabulous new beauty products!  I just love getting to see what's new in the world of beauty and... I won a doorprize!!  Woo hoo! :)

Tuesday evening, I savored the theatrical splendor that is "Wicked", Stephen Schwartz's award-winning musical.  Oh, how I LOVE it!!  The music is SO inspiring.  Just hearing "Defying Gravity" makes me want to save the world.  It was so fun to enjoy such a wonderful show about friends with one of my besties!!  :)

Last night, I definitely gave myself a huge treat by indulging in a pedicure.  There is a darling new nail place that I am just smitten with.  The people who work there are so sweet and friendly and I truly believe they have a magical top coat because I have yet to leave their shop with any smudges on my nails.  Usually, I have smudged at least one nail before I even get out of the door of a nail salon, but not here!  And the polish lasts for a long time with no chips.  The pedicures are fabulous and they have a deluxe one that has lots of extras, so that your feet feel completely fancy free as you walk out the door.  Then, my sweet friend A was able to fit me in to do my hair and she did a fantastic job!!!  Thanks, A, you are the best!! :)

Hope you all are able to savor a few moments for yourself this week.  Whether it is a respite with a good cup of tea and a magazine you haven't gotten to read yet or a week-long mediterranean cruise (or something in between), these moments of rest can work wonders and allow us to face the world refreshed and inspired.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!


  1. reading this really made me miss you. i love how much you love and embrace life. :) i wish i was getting a pedicure with you!! i think i need a waco vacation to visit this hot spot!!

  2. oh, fun! i love that our MK pampering night made the blog!! :) also, glad to hear you had such a fun time seeing WICKED...i've yet to see it, but hope to sometime soon!


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