Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do You Zumba?

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!

Have any of you ever tried a Zumba class? I went to two this week and had a blast. The music is so fun and energizing, I almost forgot I was working out!!

In other news, I found the perfect skirt to wear with my cream sweater set to a special event! Even was on sale!! Yay! Here is a picture:

Also, I have found a new favorite cool treat at Sonic thanks to my sweet friend M -- Diet Strawberry Limeade!! It is so refreshing on these hot summer days!

Hope you are all having a good week!!


  1. Lovin that skirt girl! Happy to have run across your blog! Happy WEEKEND!!!! :)

  2. hey, carroll! thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! so nice to hear from an old friend!

    i am obsessed with zumba! when i can, i go to class 3 times a week here! i'm thinking about getting certified so i can teach more classes here in town! it's too fun to be a workout=)

    have a great day!


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