Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did You Know Air Costs $1.00??

Well, at least that is how much it costs at the Exxon station...a dollar in quarters to be exact. :)

My little adventure to the air pump began by a sweet angel leaving a note on my windshield that my right rear tire was flat. I am so thankful to this person because I'm afraid with my lack of attention to detail, I wouldn't have noticed the tire issue until it was too late. So, my first course of action was to call my dad for a little advice on what to do. He told me to put air in the tire before I drove to the tire place I use and so that was my next step. After obtaining 4 quarters via an atm and the purchase of a delightful fountain Diet Coke, I put air in my tire, praying I was putting the right amount in. I'm afraid my tire gauge was noteably absent in my time of need. Perhaps, I will do a more in depth search for that little friend soon.

When I was finished with the air pump, off I went to the wonderful locally owned brake and tire place where I purchased my new set of tires a few months ago. Their closing time was nearing and I was unsure if they would be able to fit me in, but fit me in they did and fixed my tire in a jif. The culprit of my tire issue -- a nail. I am eternally grateful to the men who saved my tire!! My tire is working in perfect harmony with the other three now, enabling me to run a few more errands after work.

I am attending my sorority's national convention in a few weeks and am in need of some specific wardrobe pieces. I had planned to try a few more stores this afternoon to see if I could find just the right thing and arrived at one of my stops right after it closed. However, I did see a dress in the window that might solve one of my wardrobe worries, so I am undeterred and will return tomorrow before closing! I'll be sure and let you know how that turns out. :)

After a few more fashion search attempts and some wonderful time in Barnes and Noble, I decided to treat myself to dinner from a new place in town.

Let me just say that I was not dissappointed. The food was DELISH!!

After my car capers of the afternoon, I was reminded of and am so thankful for the people God places in our life to guide us on our journey. He is so good!!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

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  1. Glad the tire situation got resolved. Raising Cane's is awesome!


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