Monday, November 18, 2013

Texas Conference for Women

Texas Conference of Women

I am so excited to get to attend this conference for women tomorrow!  The speaker list looks amazing and I know I will learn so much at each session. :)

Right now, I am most excited about hearing from one of my favorite Food Network stars, Rachael Ray!  I've always enjoyed watching her shows, so I can't wait to hear from her live!!  
She is the luncheon keynote, so I"m sure it will be amazing.

Another of my faves, Delia Ephron, will also be speaking at the conference and I'm looking forward to hearing from her.  She wrote what is perhaps my favorite movie of all time, You've Got Mail!

If you are in the Austin area tomorrow, be sure and check out the conference.  I think if you click on any of the photos above, it will take you to the conference website where you can see all of the other amazing speakers.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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