Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chicago Day 2!

The next morning was Sunday, so we went to this wonderful church downtown.
I thought these lamps outside were stunning!
After the beautiful service, I snapped a few photos of the gorgeous interior.
I loved the angels!
After church we met some of Rosalie's friends for brunch at Yolk. Major thanks to my friend Cayce for her wonderful recommendations. This restaurant was one of them and it definitely did not disappoint!
Just love these girls!
This was my choice -- the "When in Rome..." omelet complete with marinara on top. It was so delicious! Very different from anything I have ever tried. Oh and in the background you can vaguely see my strawberry orange juice -- yummy!
Don't worry, my omelet also came with pancakes! Oh my! I chose the Banana- Blue Crunch Cakes with granola and blueberries in the batter. It was bother fabulous choice! If i do say so myself. :)
Caroline's breakfast deliciousness!
And Rosalie's!
I think we were all so happy with our Yolk experience!

Next, on the agenda: burn off that brunch with a stroll down the street and by street, I mean Michigan Avenue!
Magnificent Mile here we come!
Of course no trip to the Mag Mile would be complete for this crew without a trip to the AG store. We all had these dolls growing up, so it was fun reliving childhood memories. I am so sad, though, that they have discontinued Samantha. :( I can only hope that Mattel is staging a fabulous comeback for her, so she can be a friend to girls for years to come!!
After taking in more sights on Michigan Avenue, we headed to Millennium Park for an amazing patriotic concert!
Isn't the concert area beautiful?
It was so amazing to be in a park in the heart of the city!
Sweet sisters!

After the concert, we thought ice cream was in order!
These yummy sundaes were the perfect way to end the day!

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  1. Awesome! I'd love to visit Chicago one of these days. The foods you showed look delish!! By the way, SAD about the Samantha doll not being available. I still have mine. I guess it's now an antique!


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